Thursday, October 25, 2012


In every political campaign
that runs those mudslinging 
attack ads on TV
there is a person on the staff
whose job is to pour through
hundreds or maybe thousands
of  photos
to find the least attractive
and least flattering pictures
of the opponent
to put up onscreen
(followed by the misleading "facts"
that they hope you will buy
because they think you're stupid)
you can turn the sound down
on your set
and know in an instant
who the ad is promoting
by whether the person depicted
on screen
is happy and smiling
or scowling and frowning
so many photos being taken
of any public figure
and some will catch you 
with your mouth wide open
or eyes closed
or some weird facial expression
and the person sifting through all these shots
is cackling to himself
Hhaaw...this one really sucks....
no wait--THIS one is worse--
looks like he didn't get any sleep
the night before...hey Joe...
should we run this one or that one?
And Joe says Man, THIS one...poor
sonofabitch...wait till he sees himself...

And people get paid for this

Don't think I want to be
represented by anybody
from either side of the aisle
who will go to these lengths
to demean another person 
just for the sake of winning
and you still seem surprised
when the next politician
and then the next 
is nabbed for some moral
or criminal offense
when it's staring you
right in the face
during the campaign
what kind of an asshole
he really is


  1. it is pretty sickening the way we go about politics in our is less about the issues...more about the party, and then destroying the other individual and then we wonder why we end up with the people we do....insanity...

    we are resonating in our topics a bit today...

  2. (followed by the misleading "facts"
    that they hope you will buy
    because they think you're stupid)

    Exactly. And as far as the pics? I cannot even imagine what that would be like. I'm still thankful FB wasn't around when I was in highschool (and when I was pregnant). It's always good to be thankful for the important things, right? & thanks for the encouragment my way :)

  3. BRIAN: On the same page today, to be sure.

    LORI: You are so welcome. Looking forward to your future posts along those lines!

  4. I'm with you, kiddo. Mudslinging should not have any part of running a country. With all this going on for half a year every three and a half years, how does any WORK ever get done? Just sayin'.......

  5. Ce sera sera, amigo, hmmm? Now, could I have some catnip, please? Meow ...

  6. Love your comments today. You know, I have been answering the phone constantly these past weeks since I live in a "swing state". I am so tired of the calls and the crap. Do you know any machine I can get that would respond back to a phone call and blow out their system? I would love to be able to do that. Robo calls are killing me! Jack

  7. __Forget yourselves; forget your parties; forget your 'bladderous' statements streaming from your own 'adjusted facts;' remember the people that employ you, and that "We the People" are insulted... by your believe that "We the People" haven't gained the intellect to see through your fogging approach to our reality!
    __My name is NATIONAL CITIZEN, and I approve of this message. _m

  8. Yeah, the pictures are annoying, but amusing. It's the lies that come out of their mouths that get to me. Today was just awful, and I have a feeling the ads are just going to get worse.

  9. as Right as you Rightly are, I do love that cheese ;)

  10. SHERRY: Do they run campaigns this mean in Canada?

    JACK: Soon it will be all over but the shouting. And the crying in their beer.

    MAGYAR: I approve of your message too!

    THINGY: What's more scary than Halloween? The people we will be electing to office!

    LORRAINE: It is Swiss cheese, to demonstrate the holes in the logic of those TV ads.

  11. no kidding. speak it, my brother!

  12. This is the stuff that pisses me off the most I guess---so amen to you!

  13. empty words spoken... lovely write

  14. Really a dirty, ugly cycle. Real issues get forgotten while this mud-slinging prevails.

  15. Amen to this! Another reason I don't watch TV. Well done!

  16. ...and people get paid for this!! CRaZaZy!

  17. wonder what they think when they look in the bathroom mirror in the evening...

  18. MARIAN, AUDREY, WOLFSROSEBUD, POET LAUNDRY, JENNY, MARGARET, CLAUDIA: are all beautiful--inside and out.

  19. Politics is for the bottom feeders any more--no one with any pretense at integrity could want to be subjected to the vileness which is rampant in both the operatives and the modern media(and which reflects what the modern media-consumer wants to read) Sadly, we deserve what we get by allowing this climate to flourish. Well said, Timo.

  20. enjoyed this read...ugly reality...wonder about those people....

  21. You nailed it!! Have to laugh in spite of myself, so very true--very well written