Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm a ritualistic
goin ballistic
dancin with wolves
dancin with dingos
dancin with Daddy G

Go Daddy

got that frizzy Richard Simmons hair
but I got more weight to toss around
than that little pissant
and when I sidle up to the ladies
I go diddley-bop...thunk!
I go diddley-bop...thunk!
I go diddley-bop...thunk!
And they all run
cuz they scared of my junk
as I chase them around the room
in my red skivvies with CCCP emblazoned
across the front

Sometimes I put on a chef's hat
and mix up a concoction that will
make you toss your cookies
but you gotta drink it all
to stay in the game

And it's a wild and crazy game
with bodacious boobies
that will knock you out
swinging left and right
and to and fro
and round and round they go
and when they hit you
you will shout
and be amazed
as you stagger about
 in a silicone haze

And then the confetti comes
raining down
and it's curtains for anyone
who gets in my way cuz
I go diddley-bop...thunk!
and you'd think I was drunk
as I pursue them about the stage
I should be in a cage but
A Que No Puedes
is all the rage
with psychos like Timoteo
who never learned to act their age


  1. haha....never learning to act your age is not a bad thing at all...thunk, stuff tim...found the video for this

  2. Sometimes I wonder where you get your ideas... then, I think, best don't ask....

  3. Dancin' with wolves, dingos, and Daddy G? That's a lot of wild goin'on :)

  4. BRIAN: Glad you found the video so you could see who I'm talking about.

    KERRY: I am grinning. Yes, "Don't ask" is one of my favorite phrases!

    LORI: You bet! And for anyone who has no clue about this poem--"Teacher Sorayo" is a character on the Spanish language TV show "A Que No Puedes." If you can find it in your area, I strongly recommend you watch a few episodes for some truly off the wall humor...or like Brian, you can find it on YouTube.

  5. Timo, THIS is where I come for off the wall humor! Keep on rockin' !!

  6. You certainly have quite a lesson to teach Timoteo!! I think my ex-husband must have taken one of your seminars! lol Thanks for the smiles! :-)

  7. Wonderful fun, starting with the first three lines and then...thunk! LOL

  8. I have no idea zackly whatcher talkin about,Timo but I had fun at the party--not as much fun as you, though, probably.

  9. SHERRY, CARRIE, THINGY, KAY: Kudos to you for wading through this one, though you knew not what depths of depravity it was leading you to!

    HEDGEWITCH (JOY): Thanks, Queen Of Darkness! I refer you to the explanation I left for Lori above.

  10. Sounds as if you are concussed from siliconed mammary blows to the head

  11. You made me laugh out loud on a day I thought I wouldn't so much as smile. just flat out rock...the images dancing in my head will linger long! Thank you...I think ;)

  12. This is so much fun...ha..ha....~

  13. Hahahaha - too funny! No idea what CCCP is, but I have a pretty fun mental image dancing around inside my head now. :o)

  14. I love your opening stanza. :)

  15. CRESSIDA DE NOVA: Yes, you hit it right on the to speak! ;)

    NATASHA: If I can make your day, it makes my day. Truly.

    OTHER MARY: CCCP are the initials for the old Soviet Union. Go figure.

    MARGARET, FLIPSIDE RECORDS, GRACE: Glad that I could tickle you.

  16. MAROUSIA: Great to hear from you!

  17. got the the spanish and don't ever stop dancing with wolves..ha

  18. Must have been some party ... wish I had been there ... maybe next time :)

  19. Timoteo, You are something else! Crazy probably, funny yes. Jack

  20. Some kind of comment would be okay ... unless us ... the very last to comment are not worthy ... or something ... oh, how I hat e this club business ... enjoy your poet's club ... ghee ...

  21. CLAUDIA, JACK: Thanks for the love!

    CAT: Your claws are showing, my dear...MEEEEOWWWWWWWW...