Friday, February 5, 2016


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


I really don't care
what you DO
really I don't
cuz anything between two
or three
or more
consenting pervs
is alright with me
just tell me how
it makes you FEEL
like the first time
you cheated on your man
did it make you feel
like in high school when
you walked past those boys
who always muttered something
beneath their breath
and then you took to not wearing a bra
when you passed by
cuz it made you feel giddy
just to gauge their reaction
as you pretended
(with that haughty look
your species has perfected )
not to notice them

Sight alone cannot authenticate
that something is real
(for it may be a dream)
you've got to take it into your grasp
and FEEL

As one who has attempted
on numerous occasions
to bridge the gap between
fantasy and reality
I want you to consider dangerous things
i want you to THINK about crossing
that line
whether you do or not
is of no import to me
just as long as you look me
in the eye
and tell me how it makes you
make it real
so that maybe
for the first time in your life
you'll be free