Monday, October 29, 2018


I saw someone
who looked a lot like you
before you went crazy

but it was only from pictures

that I saw the resemblance

for as long as I knew you

were a little off
but I just chalked it up
as part of the cost of loving

but there comes a point

of diminishing returns
on one's investment
so you cut your losses
before they cut into you 

the song of the cuckoo
as she flies over her nest
will bombard my heart
with second thoughts
but last impressions 
are always more telling

who have you been
for lo these many lives
and how many people
are crying quietly inside you?

You wanted me to be your knight

but I can't save you from the demons
that will one day drag you screaming
to your own private hell

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Don't sum up your life
by the awards you've collected
nobody gives a crap 
'bout that but you.

Or your service to the war machine.

U can only be proud of that if 

U didn't snuff out the flame
of a slanty-eyed someone you've
never spoken to and never
given it a second thought 
cuz U did your duty by God and country.

And when Yukimi comes gyrating onto

the stage to do the vocal for "Empire Ants" 
it's already the middle of the song
and the crowd goes nuts in frenzied
anticipation with a thousand flames
held high cuz they know it's about
to kick into another gear.
And then that beat engulfs you
 like a big Asian tsunami 
and just sweeps U right you away.

So let's say that U also dug

Gorillaz--then there'd be some hope
that you and I 
could engage eye to eye
and I to I
 and lo and behold
there might be mutual understanding
no matter who or what we are.

It could be just that easy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


if you're numb
if you're just numb
you can block out
the shame and regret
of all you've done
otherwise there ain't no way
you make it through 
to fight another day
you want to have clear
vision not clouded by
tears and your nose
not running with snot
you're running with the bulls
you're running with the devil
you're running from the stench
of the past 
and that's a marathon
you'll finish by god
bloodied but unbowed
pick up your participation medal
on the way home