Thursday, June 23, 2011

SENRYU STEW # 6: Adventures With Gypsy

early morning walk--
Gypsy sniffs
the latest Pmail

Gypsy perks up
when other pooches woof at her--
attention hound

strolling past the bank
with Gypsy--
she makes a deposit

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Good morning
Mister I'm Gonna Blow Up The World
And how are y0u today
praying to your God Of Territorial Disputes
getting ready to go out with a bang
probably never considering that
once you've enjoyed each of those 72 virgins
happily waiting for you
it may not seem like heaven any more
knowing the way your mind runs
but we never seem to think of the obvious


it's important to fight for what you believe in
but I draw the line at my humanity

and no

God DOESN'T want you to do that
any more than he wants you to pop a fart and whistle Dixie at the library
and I don't know why you look at Him
and see petty
and vengeful
and finite
when I see infinite
like the classroom teacher who knows
you don't take sides in playground disputes
the main thing is for the little buggers to learn something
so you can pass them on to a higher grade
but we ain't there yet
so it's always us and them
and all we see is
an infidel
a nonbeliever
a heathen
an apostate
an unholy
give me a break
what are the chances there's only one path to follow
and each of them shouting OVER HERE
even I can see
that's a mathematical impossibility
if we are all God's children
wouldn't it make more sense to think that
may have at least a piece of the truth
and if we'd just put our heads together
and compare notes
the bigger picture might come
into sharper focus

but no

you're going to kill
in the name of your God Of The Partial View
in a crowded market
with a bomb strapped to your waist
you are no better
or worse
than the guy
who sends the misguided missile screaming through the sky
the aftermath is going to be just as messy

and oh

a bunch of women and children bit the big one that time
unintentionally of course
collateral damage
back to the drawing board
with a shrug
we're still the good guys
and none of our strutting Suits
have any regrets
I heard them say it
must be nice to sleep at night with NONE
of that on your conscience
power junkies
too blind to sense
that you're going to be
on the wrong side of history
to a man
it's all a game to you
where the end always justifies the means
well hell
I know it's a game
but still I'd like to play
with as much integrity as I can muster
and be able to shake hands with my opponent afterwards
don't know if you can do that
when he's carrying his dead child in his arms
but you never have to view that close up
never once considering that it's all tainted
from beginning to end
and that nothing good can come from that
which proceeds from a starting point of evil
and that it will hound you
through this lifetime
and how many more
I can't say
your only salvation
your only hope
of escaping karma's
massive kick in the ass
is that maybe...
just maybe...
It's all a dream

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The summer flies are banging
against my front screen door again
how insistent they are
on gaining their freedom

I just get settled on the sofa
and I hear them slamming
against the metal again

I rise to crack open the door
and allow another bunch to escape

How accommodating I've become
in my involuntary and ever growing
awareness of fleeting time

Go...GO I say
and be flies
go and eat poop
and whatever you can snatch
from someone's bistro cafe sandwich
go and be a scourge upon the populace
annoying and pissing off one and all
with your kamikaze fly bys
the world is your cat box
so feast your omniscient eyes upon it
and take it all in

It's all over in a few weeks
you know


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And now...the heroic adventures of...CACTUS MAN! (he's one PRICKLY dude! )

We join Cactus Man at the local supermarket, where a relatively new trend is developing. Drugstores, markets, and the like are acting as collection points for various charities, and it is now commonplace for cashiers--at the behest of management-- to ask customers in the check out line if they would "like" (no pressure, of course) to donate money to the specific charity du jour. We'll conveniently add it to your bill.

CASHIER: Good morning sir, did you find everything okay?

C.M. Everything but my rear end...I seem to be losing it everyday in this economy.

CASHIER: (Oblivious, and ready to launch into her spiel): Oh, and would you like to donate a dollar to the Sisters of Perpetual Glum and Sorrow?

C.M.:'re the supermarket chain that touts "low prices everyday," are you not? And yet, I noticed that those rutabagas I bought are now a DOLLAR more per pound than they were last week...and most of your other prices have been steadily rising as well.

CASHIER: Well... only work here...

C.M. : (Raising his voice for nearby customers to hear) Last week I could have afforded to kick in that extra buck, but like most people these days, I'm on a budget. So who do you think is ultimately responsible for the Sisters of Perpetual Glum and Sorrow not getting that extra dollar in their pocket...ME? Or could it be...CORPORATE GREED???

CASHIER: Uhh...(hack...splutter...cough...choke...burp)... did you find everything okay, sir?

C. M.: I'll find my way out the door is what I'll do--and likely never come back!

CASHIER: (brightly)


Friday, June 3, 2011

SENRYU STEW # 5: Supermarket Blues

my supermarket

boasts low prices everyday--

consumer fraud

spaces in the parking lot

already occupied---

shopping carts

emerging from the aisle

with my cart piled high...