Wednesday, July 25, 2012


How many people
would you have killed
by now
if you could just wish
somebody dead
and the deed would be done?

no consequences
and completely anonymous

you say
no one should have that kind of
 power over another
but you see
it's almost as easy
right now
it's almost as easy
just a flick of the finger
is all that it is
just a flick of the finger...

bang bang
you're dead



Truman thought that the lesser
of two evils
was to slaughter the innocents
to make the combatants sit up
and take notice
but the end is never justified
by such a means
it just means
that it's the end
but it will come around
it always does

and there you are again
my friend



if  he ever slept
for just one night
after that fateful decision
then he was a madman
just like the rest
but you see it's okay
because he was
and sometimes when God
doesn't act
we have to

and right now
it's almost
as easy
you see
it's almost as easy
for anyone
to make that call


Friday, July 20, 2012


With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

There is no way
you can talk to someone
who knows that they are "right"
and you are wrong
that they have cornered the market on truth
and that is the be all and end all of it
no more questions
mystery solved and
case closed
no matter how much reason
common sense
or logic you may use
you might as well
be talking up your dog's butt
for they will shake their heads
and smile
and pretend to listen
but all the while
their little brain is screaming
and though you might feel that you
could accept them
in your live and let live way
it won't be returned
they won't consort with your kind
until you've drunk the Kool-Aid

narrow minds keep narrow circles

and my answer to the question
of have I been saved is
well, not from you,
so I guess the answer is no
don't want any part of your
vindictive deity
cuz I've already met the one
who goes by the handle of  LOVE
(though, as I recall,  his given name is Fred)
and I wonder why it's never occurred
to you
that if one were exposed to such hellacious temperatures
for all eternity
that he would eventually acclimate to it
and it would just be like summertime in Phoenix...
no big deal

but no matter cuz
we need to see that glassy-eyed look

To finish this poem I must click on
I have done that and now it says

and I'll be damned--

uh...I mean...
guess I won't be now


Saturday, July 14, 2012


Photo from Timoteo's personal archives


Welcome to the Discovery Channel !
Did you know that flies can fly
while they're copulating?
Looks something like the space shuttle
riding piggy back on that 747 in miniature.

Wait...wait a minute...
there's a medical opinion coming in
on my email.
It says I haven't been getting enough 
oxygen to my brain and
that is what's responsible for
some of the poetry I've been writing

Now, back to our story.'s another opinion coming in
from an old flame...
It says: To whom it may concern--
this man is like a movie I watched recently...
sort of slow moving and boring in the beginning,
but starts to grow on you after a while,
as more depth and nuance are revealed.


The air conditioner in my old beater
is deceased. 
A mere thousand bucks
or a bit more
will resurrect it 
I'm assured. 
And what's wrong with you--
they say 
this is the desert, man,
but I think of all the beer
a thousand bucks can buy
and decide I can sweat it out
these few more miles
to the liquor store.

Short-term objective: Do more drinking.
Long-term objective: Do more drinking

And tell me how can one be held
responsible for a life largely unpremeditated?
The most they can make stick is
second-degree cluelessness--
but go ahead and  crucify me if you will.


And about that other thing
you say 
I should observe the rules
on this ship of fools,
but you know I'd rather go down swinging
(with the swingers)
than waste away from a thousand cuts. 
Got too much pride
to end up just another stumbling
fumbling old fart
ambling across the street and
making them all seethe when their light
has already turned green--
trying to get a head start
on their way to nowhere.
Zombie see and zombie do.
A wrong turn in Mexico-- 
a cloaked figure darts from the shadows
and it's all over anyway Baby Blue.

Doesn't matter the distance traveled--
it's how many good shots you've taken.
In the end what prevails...
but a collection of  memories?