Friday, June 29, 2012


Will anyone be there
by your side
when your chickens come home
to roost
when the shit's run its course
through the goose
and he's too crapped out
to squawk the name
of some supplemental insurance company

You think you've got her locked in
you think you've got him locked in
and you think sure--they'll be there
but there's a lot more piss
gonna run under the bridge
before you've crossed it for the final time

So I will ask again
will anyone be there
by your side
when the front desk has just rung 
to say it's check-out time

Such a lugubrious thought
that you may just have
to go it alone
one more time
burned all your bridges
most in the heat of the moment
yes, you  could say them  kids
are "estranged"
but it's all about pride
and holding that grudge
and not giving in 
cuz that's who you are
and they followed your lead, 
now didn't they?

More important to be right..


So what that you couldn't
trust anybody in the end
and just when you look
for a friend
everyone's indisposed

I suppose 
that's the way it goes
and you quit attending funerals
with the pissing and moaning
and gnashing of teeth
cuz instinctively you knew 
no one's gonna do that for you

And now here comes your parade
with its motley little band
but sure would be nice
to have someone to hold onto
who isn't a hired hand

Friday, June 22, 2012


With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

He tried to 
show them
that they were dreaming
and that if they could 
within the dream
and recognize it 
for what it was
that they could manipulate

it, and do all kinds of 
cool stuff
like  turn water into wine
(party time!)

nearly everyone
continues to snooze
(without the free booze)
still perceiving 
the dream to be reality
subjected to the most capricious 
twists and turns 
of the Subconscious Imagination
including nightmares
that seem to be
so terribly real

Saturday, June 16, 2012


With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

she showed up on my doorstep
one day with two suitcases--
looking like a lost waif.

my best compadre Dan knew her
and had sent her down from the states
because he thought--for some odd reason-- that I
could arrange an abortion for her
as it was still illegal.
i had lots of contacts,
but not in that arena
and i told her so.
she wasn't showing yet,
so we decided to make the best
of her time there anyway.

we had come from the beach
and were meandering along the Condado
when a local cop on a motorcycle
pulled up beside and told us we couldn't
be on the street looking like that.

she was wearing just her bikini
but it was tame by today's standards
and i had seen plenty of  tourists
navigating these streets in similar attire.

then I realized he wasn't referring to
the bikini, but the way she filled out the bikini
(it was June, and she was busting out all over.)
he even mentioned that drivers
could get into accidents
from gawking at her (swear to God).

i took off the shirt I wore over my trunks
and  gave it to her to put on and the
civic-minded embodiment of the law
allowed as how that would be acceptable
and we walked on back to my place.

we made it that night
and half-assedly
with her saying in the middle of it
"ya gotta understand
 this doesn't mean much to me
becuz i still love Clyde."
(right--just not enough to bear his spawn.)

in the early morning
Nan came by,
cooing at me through the slats
of my bedroom window.
then suddenly shouting you bastard
(waking up the pious Puerto Rican family next door
who had given me dirty looks before)
and stomping off
when Lana raised her strawberry-blonde mane.

that cost me dearly.

but what's a young buck
trying to live in the moment to do?

years hence, Dan informed me that Lana
had done a photo spread for a notorious
skin magazine.
not once, but twice..

i thought about trying to locate some back issues
to see if i could find her
and then i said
why bother.

been there.
done that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


It is said
that in all
the dimensions
that we
cling to one
of the lowest
with our constant
and our ceaseless
and yet
we pour the wine
the music plays
I gaze
into your eyes...

Forgive me
for loving this life
it is all
I've known
or can remember