Friday, October 19, 2012


Now you...                                                                                           d'Verse Poets Pub

Even SIN thinks you're disgusting
ya see Sin ain't so bad
half the time
lookit all the peoples
flocking to Las Vegas
gonna blow their wad
on some hookers and a craps table
but it's alright
cuz jobs are being provided
through the generosity
of your donations
but lookit you
you feelthy ting
and just because you diggin Steely Dan
while on the can
ain't gonna give you a free pass
you know people
shouldn't eat in public
cuz it's gross
with that juice dribbling down your chin
and some unrecognizable something
stuck to your teeth
and you got so distracted
by that chick with the jugs
that you tried to spoon soup
into your nose
and burping
yeah, that's a nice way to impress
a date--
what the hell is  wrong with people?
never could figure out why
the truly exquisite thing
which is making love
got cloistered away
behind closed doors
while the truly disgusting thing
which is eating
is not only allowed
but encouraged in public
you see it everywhere
on TV and in the movies
people shoveling it in
and then talking with
their mouths full
what the hell 
are you trying to say 
is it bigger than a breadbox?
and you 
well even Sin thinks you're disgusting
lookit what you did
you  think I'm gonna clean that up?
no way
no way
you've got more brains than that
you fetid furshluginner thing
take that carcass
you are gnawing on
and go sit with the rest
of your zombie friends 
I'm goin out tonight
to howl 


  1. Isnt that the TRUTH??????? Way to get turned off - look around a fast food court at the mall. Yoiks! Love "I'm goin out tonight to howl". Me too.

  2. haha...there are def some pretty disgusting eaters out there man....yikes...remind me not to look too close next time i go out to eat....

  3. Allrighty then ... Have fun ... Meow ...

  4. SHERRY: Certain things are mandated for doing in private, and eating should be one of them!
    BRIAN: Just look at any of those fast food TV commercials!
    LORRAINE: But of course, YOU would look good no matter what you're doing!
    CAT: Thanks for purring along with me.

  5. Why do I find myself agreeing with everything you've said? Food-shovelling... Ugh!!

  6. Very funny - your tone, the slang, the ugh images, the sense of injustice - and yes, agreed - though often the people who bother one the most are the most loved too! Agh. k.

  7. This is hilarious! I hate eating with other people when they have chomping disgusting habits.

  8. Well, this gave me my smile for today!!

  9. I knew a girl in high school who was SO conscious of eating in public. She was so thin; I look back and realize she was probably anorexic.

    With that said, yes, this poem is funny. However, I wouldn't want to see people having sex in public either! ;)

  10. Genius! I love, love the voice! And I especially liked "fetid furshluginner thing". Wonderful!

  11. Yes, definitely revving in the same gear, Timo, though yours has a broader satirical focus--man, I hate watching people eat on TV--it's bad enough you can see very pore on a widescreen, without looking at those gaping maws. Great use of the metaphor in this, from Vegas to assorted sins of the flesh, and the style, the accent, all pitch perfect to subject. (Also gives new meaning to "No black cards can bring you money so you hide them when you're able/in the land of milk and honey you must put them on the table...")

  12. KERRY, MANICDDAILY, RAZMADAZZLE, HOOFPRINTS, MARY: Thanks for "hangin" with me...'tis the season.

    MARGARET: To each his own, I guess!

    JENNY: Yeah, "furshluginner" is one of my favorite words, so finally got to use it in a poem!

    HEDGEWITCH: Yeah, it makes we laugh when they show these sexy women on TV biting into a huge burger dripping with all kinds of's not sexy at all because they are just demonstrating their ignorance by helping to promote something that will likely shorten their life.

  13. And I'll be howling with you! Laughing but agree with every line...I have been zombified...but I found this great bunch of poets that 'saved' me...and was all the proof I needed that there was more to life than this. Virtual Fist Pump from the corner where I sit :)

  14. Ha, wow, this is great... love the voice!

  15. Awesome as usual... and you do raise a good question about eating in public. All those noises and dribbles and ...eiyee... I love the voice, I love the rhythm, the style... you definitely are one of my favorite poets. Your words are like a magic carpet ride...

    "you've got more brains than that
    you fetid furshluginner thing"


  16. oh my...thanks for the smile...yeah...some people shouldn't be allowed to eat in would they make love...i always think that there's a connection ya know...

  17. Some good humor in this. I like the voice you use here. Still, it made me think a little deeper about judgement and how we all see the 'sin' in the other, not in ourselves. And what if we all just made love? What a world huh?

  18. NATASHA: Yes, never let rigor mortis keep you from enjoying an active social life!

    MRS. MEDIOCRITY: Thanks, and I still think you're above average!

    CLAUDIA: Very sloppily, apparently.

    MYRNA: A world I would like to be a part of. And here's some advice for zombies: Make love, not gore!