Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Over at da Wally store
da peeps dey waddle in
an' den dey waddle out
an' dat just de employees
cuz everybody fat
in America
fatter den me big fat cat
in America

everybody eat good

in America
compare to where me come from
where many say: "Food? What is dat?"

in America me see dis guy on tv

he cram down seventy hot dogs
just to set some kind of record
yeah, me REALLY see dat

where me come from

dey would call dat obscene

but it okay in America

where all da fat cats be gettin' fatter
fatter den me big fat cat
in America

don't get me wrong, friend

me mean no disrespect
cuz you are da new normal
an' me just a skinny guy
who feel like he don't fit in

wish me had some meat

on me bones like dat
cuz den me could wear all black
an' turn me baseball cap around on me head

maybe if me stuffs down

seventy hot dogs
each an' every day


'scuse me, friend

but me feelin' sick now 
sicker den me big fat cat
barfin' on da carpet
he say dat's what all da cool cats do
in America

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


the only thing he can say for sure
the only thing the irrefutable evidence points to
is that she loves wandering
more than any person, place, or thing

and anyone who wishes to curry favor with her

must first scroll to read the terms and conditions 
and click on I accept before proceeding

it just goes with the territory

or province
where she may materialize
at any particular time

in between

she's a caged cat

pacing back and forth
back and forth


he's happy he gets to rock
her Gypsy soul on occasion
making sweet hot music together
(one ear invariably cocked
for the sound of distant drums)

long past remembering

what she's running to
or running from

soon she'll be coiled tightly again

ready to spring for glimmering stars
though they're only in her eyes

so near

yet so far away