Thursday, November 15, 2018


dVerse Poets Pub

Down at the bus station
drunks and drifters 
prepare to sail away 
to somewhere
away from here
as if you could 
somehow get away 
from you

You're not of that ilk

but with a little letting go
you could be

The woman 

in the adjacent seat
is talking to someone
that isn't you 
and you surmise
it must be God

Out your window

snowflakes plummet
onto an empty plain
and there is your God

Darkness descends

with only the open road 
and the cold stars
beaming out yesterday

This is where you belong

and there is no forgetting

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


The road is just more geology
we kick up pale dust that hangs
peels back to the left
northbound lane
a hawk circles low

I sometimes wish
you would remember me
under the glitter
on frozen moss and snow
the wet seasons
red water

bronze words
new shoots of spring wheat

I have enough despair for two people

A voice calls me to the river

When you see my reflection

in the dewdrops 
on the heather
you'll know that I have returned

Thursday, November 1, 2018


I initially engage a book of poetry
somewhere in the middle, 
looking to avoid   
beginnings and endings
as one always leads to the other
and if we'd just meet each other
halfway the cycle might be broken.

I  don't need new and improved

like the dubious claims in that
laundry detergent commercial.
Am quietly content with 
1997 issue of Ploughshares 
that I picked up at the used book sale.
Those poems have been neglected
for some time (I can identify) 
so I pay them a visit to find
lo and behold that neither they
nor their creators have aged...
only me...old and unimproved.

And then the next ad pops up 

and it's  the real people-- not actors--
with their testimonials, don't you know.
And as for those backhandedly maligned
thespians, I wonder if at the end of the day
 do they turn back into real people again 
when they go home to their families
or maybe just a room with one dim  
bulb hanging down from 
the ceiling and a cat.

And now back to our story.

But maybe I'll just switch it off 
before the foregone conclusion.
Have done it before.
You just walk out the door.
(Avoiding the saddest part of the drama.)
Used to think maybe I would
miss something that way. 
But now can see that 
all I missed was the ending.

Monday, October 29, 2018


I saw someone
who looked a lot like you
before you went crazy

but it was only from pictures

that I saw the resemblance

for as long as I knew you

were a little off
but I just chalked it up
as part of the cost of loving

but there comes a point

of diminishing returns
on one's investment
so you cut your losses
before they cut into you 

the song of the cuckoo
as she flies over her nest
will bombard my heart
with second thoughts
but last impressions 
are always more telling

who have you been
for lo these many lives
and how many people
are crying quietly inside you?

You wanted me to be your knight

but I can't save you from the demons
that will one day drag you screaming
to your own private hell

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Don't sum up your life
by the awards you've collected
nobody gives a crap 
'bout that but you.

Or your service to the war machine.

U can only be proud of that if 

U didn't snuff out the flame
of a slanty-eyed someone you've
never spoken to and never
given it a second thought 
cuz U did your duty by God and country.

And when Yukimi comes gyrating onto

the stage to do the vocal for "Empire Ants" 
it's already the middle of the song
and the crowd goes nuts in frenzied
anticipation with a thousand flames
held high cuz they know it's about
to kick into another gear.
And then that beat engulfs you
 like a big Asian tsunami 
and just sweeps U right you away.

So let's say that U also dug

Gorillaz--then there'd be some hope
that you and I 
could engage eye to eye
and I to I
 and lo and behold
there might be mutual understanding
no matter who or what we are.

It could be just that easy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


if you're numb
if you're just numb
you can block out
the shame and regret
of all you've done
otherwise there ain't no way
you make it through 
to fight another day
you want to have clear
vision not clouded by
tears and your nose
not running with snot
you're running with the bulls
you're running with the devil
you're running from the stench
of the past 
and that's a marathon
you'll finish by god
bloodied but unbowed
pick up your participation medal
on the way home

Saturday, September 15, 2018


And now I find
that I give less and less
of a damn
about any of it

But it would do my heart good

if I knew that just once you stopped
and questioned your motives
for all of it
cuz if it's just by rote
it plays a sad and sour note
to my ears

And let me draw my own conclusions

as to why she smiled at me
in the supermarket
let me hang onto my illusions
a wee bit longer
cuz in my mind
and in my heart
I'm still back there listenin' to
The Mighty Quinn
(everybody's gonna want a dose)

Don't mean to be morose

but I need a reason
to fall out of that bed

Just don't make me feel that

 your day
and your life
won't be complete
unless you are killing something
that smiles

Decades whiz by

in the flash of an eye
and when I say I took her support stockings off
and wore them over my head
and then went out and robbed da liquor store
I think U know what I mean--
it's the universal language of love
ooby dooby dooby doo
 just me and you

Will apologize to neither god nor man

for what I am
my is-ness
is none of you biz-ness
and yet I'll pray
that you'll be forever freed
from your own private hell...
and thus release me from mine

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Look up
look down
miss the action or
miss the meaning
but you don't want to miss those tits
so to hell with what they're saying right now

Knowing one's priorities

makes life much simpler

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Always felt loosely tethered
well you can kick that up
a notch now
a shadow of one's former
self that was no more than a
shadow to begin with 
giving way
to an emerging grey sky

The why??? of it
 gets caught in your throat
as you laugh and shake your head
at the sudden realization
 that all those angels
and that luck of the Irish
rolling your way 
were just a thing in your head
and things being preordained
seems the only logical conclusion
and talismans are just pretty stones
that dangle at the end of a chain
which seems like a 
totally appropriate metaphor

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Online bullying?

when I was comin' up

it was up close
and personal
and in your face
(not Facebook)

one thing it does

when you're on the receiving end
is helps to build character

so develop a hard shell

like that giant tortoise at the zoo
(and shine it with turtle wax)
and have some empathy
for your tormentors
for they are hurting
the same as you


consider the source

can't tell you how many times

that has seen me through

never once validated

or took their words
to heart

that's called knowing who you are

never knew anyone

of my generation
(them damn hippies!)
who checked out over it


there is a place

deep inside
at your very core
where no one can hurt you

find it

it is your strength

and your reserve
and one day
it will lead you
into the sun