Monday, November 24, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014


He believed
with unswerving conviction
that in a world teeming with souls
surely there'd  be one
just tailor made for him
and that when he found her
the one to share it with
his life would begin for real

And yes there were some
who lingered for a time
but they came and went
like blips on a radar screen
another case of mistaken identity

And all he could do
when each ship of love
crashed and burned
was look away from the carnage
(for he was good at looking away)
and turn to face the bright sun of tomorrow
that surely loomed just around the bend

He did this in the spring
He did this in the summer
He did this in the autumn
With the last leaf still clinging
and somewhere still ringing
was the sound of her voice
calling from the hill

And they would rush
to each other
and his life would begin for real
no more holding back
for lack of inspiration
and he would do all the things
he had no penchant for doing

For only with a sense of purpose
does life begin in earnest
and with each passing day
he knows now for sure
that purpose is her
the one who will stay

Come down in time
he whispers
come down in time
for he knows that time
is slipping away...

And he read the other day
nearly seven billion souls
on this bright blue ball of confusion
whirling in space
and he figures some wires
must have got crossed
and some bridges didn't
and he can't help but wonder
why it's still such a lonely lonely world

Monday, October 27, 2014


The rain swept through here this morning
cleaning everything but the film clouding your eyes

She was all smoke and mirrors

from the beginning
and on some level you knew that
but sometimes you have to do
the wrong thing
just to know you're still alive

so once again you've gone far afield

just to learn your lesson
traipsing through a meadow
dotted with toadstools
beside the Houston police station

Don Knotts' twin brother gloms onto you

at the hotel in New Orleans
breaking into an old barbershop song
and muttering inappropriate comments about
the young girl behind the front desk
as you stand there
trying to check out of your life
he was a tennis champion long ago
before the personality disorder set in

 And you feel you need to wake up

from something
but you don't know what it is
and you know that nothing will ever be
the same again
but it will be the same again
after it's been different
for a long enough time

hey just try to find one

who isn't a little wacko
in some way
as crazy serves as the new norm
all fueled by drugs and booze and war
tumult and upheaval
the daily pressures of survival
as the TV screams
be afraid
be very afraid
and high school kids
serve as daily target practice
for the irreversibly deranged

our one slim hope to turn it around 
being to make Jackie Blue the new national anthem
sung at the start of every ballgame
the fans mouthing the words
with their hands over their hearts
so deadpan serious

and you 
console yourself 
with the epiphany that you see things
too clearly
with a grasp on the nuts 
of the problem
not commonly held
but once again you've squeezed them 
too tightly
as slippery sluts
slide through your fingers 
and you vow that next time
by freaking god
you will raise your standards
and use a little less olive oil 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


It isn't arrogance
just a bit of a strut
in the walk
reflecting that I've taken
every shot that peppered
my butt
and came popping back up
like some leering whack-a-mole
daring you to pay your money
and go for it again

So many thought
they had me
down for the count
and some even took pity
(how condescendingly shitty)

You shoot me down

but I won't fall
fire away
fire away

Maybe it's the quiet swagger
of a life spent
stumbling into the wrong holes
and climbing back out again
and if you saw me then
you would surely hold your nose
but I've learn't how it comes and goes
in that it comes for the moment
and when it goes it goes for good

Turns out though
 I'm always gonna be a prick
in somebody's side
just when they thought it was
all cut and dried
just to wake up one day
and say


that's the REAL you???

People don't change
they just keep showing you
a little bit more
of who you hoped they'd never be
and that's themselves

And the blame game
well that's incredibly lame
but we all play it
cuz we're afflicted with this condition
that allows us to see quite clearly outward
but only murkily inward
at the one person
who's the true source
of all that horse puckey
that keeps hittin' the fan