Tuesday, February 18, 2014


d'Verse Poets Pub

When I wear a baseball cap,
I'm not wearing it seriously--
like someone who wears a baseball cap.

When I wear a cowboy hat,
I'm not wearing it seriously--
like someone who wears a cowboy hat

I'm masquerading as you
for a little while
while I'm in the neighborhood.

I can talk the talk
and walk the walk
if I want to. 

how a hat
can change everything.

In the 30s and 40s
everyone wore them
and it told you nothing.
A sea of conformity
hiding the deformity
that was your head. 

for those who do
it's like slapping a bumper sticker
across your forehead
displaying to the world
what you're made of.
I can see what's in your heart
by what's on your head--
and I can pinpoint it all
from the kind of wheels you drive
to the radio station you listen to.

I can even tell 
if you're The Queen.

But tipping my hand, well
that's not my style...

I'd rather you not see me comin'
(like a stealth bomber)
and just keep all of that
under my hat. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

MY FUNKY VALENTINE (with apologies to Rodgers & Hart!)

My funky valentine
Reading the comics valentine
Oh, where oh where do I start?

Your looks are laughable
Yet, I'm so affable
I'm just gonna call you abstract art

Oh, your figure's less than chic
And your nose looks like a beak
When you speak
You're speaking Greek
To me-eee

You don't comb your hair for me
There's a pubic hair in my tea
What does it matter to me?

Each day is Valentine's Day

Of your figure I can't speak
A less than noteworthy physique
And there's an odor from your feet
That sets you apar-arrrt.

But don't wash your hair for me
Or change your underwear for me
Stay funky, valentine, stay...

Each day is Valentine's--
unless it's Groundhog,
President's, Saint Patrick's,
April Fool's, Mother's,
Father's, Columbus, or Labor...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Woman with thighs
the size
of tree trunks
slicing up big chunks
of ice

Gliding light as a feather

But who will prize
those thunder thighs
when it's bikini weather?