Friday, June 28, 2013


Makes me


how I


any work


at all

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Ain't it funny

when some dumbass

calls you dumbass

and you know for a fact that

that dumbass

is the REAL dumbass? 

It's like he's talkin'

to himself

in the mirror

or sumthin'

Friday, June 14, 2013


In the morning
I awaken once again
into this dream

In the blueness

of the day
the arrogance
of ordered existence
becomes clear

As the day darkens

I come to terms with
the illusion of meaning

I've taken to staying up 

while others sleep
spinning and turning in time

That blow to the head

could have felled a rhino
but all I did was stagger
about a bit
in that lovely planetarium
behind my eyes


in my world of ambiguity
the universe precedes the big bang
the lesson begins the teacher
and the world passes right behind my eyes

In a parallel universe

I am perpendicular 

And like the world

it all makes perfect sense
if you don't think about it

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I see you struggling
to reconcile who you are
with that belief system
adhered to so rigidly
and handed down from your

And I know so many want
to have a sense of belonging
to something,
but it doesn't really accept
your kind,
and you've known it all along--
but still you try to fit your
square peg
into that round hole
(and they think that's dirty anyway).

here's something...


Give it a try sometime.

Simply involves learning to trust
your own instinctive and innate
sense of truth
(been doing it since my youth).

Yeah give it a try.

You'll be as giddy
as a kiddie
on a merry-go-round.
As happy as a pig
in slop.

And the great thing is
you won't need to run out and
your first born
when those Vincent Price voices
start playing
inside your head,
there are good treatment
options for schizophrenia
these days.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Poets and lovers
what did we learn
in rooms filled with smoke
this ugly tenement of a world?

Raging against heaven
why do we exist
can any singular purpose
be pursued
when all about is duality?

Trying to rewind time
return to Sherwood
or the old woman
who lived in a shoe
where the sounds of
grunting and moaning
could be heard at all times
of the day and night
as her laces came undone

Boning our brains out
with assumed names
under an ashamed moon
your eggs unprotected
and my brain fried

(You're catching on
to how it works--
let's spend some time
with grandma Esperanza)

These masters
these devils

The desperate wannabes
at the karaoke bar

All is self-interest
just as I told you
by the riverbank
when we were seventeen
revealing too much
of a universe
already transparent
to my eyes

giving too much away
spoiling the game

And yet we play on
looking at the world
through rose wine-
colored glasses
raising them high
one more time
just to honor a memory
not totally forgotten