Friday, March 1, 2013


The married woman
does not want to watch the porn
on the television in our room
at the No-Tel motel
even though we have come here
to enact a similar scene

There are mirrors on the ceiling
above the bed
but she is careful not to look up

The married woman
does not want to see 
her own
at all

Note: Before your jaw drops any further, this poem was written quite a number of years ago, and I'm sharing it here for the first time now.


  1. i imagine she does not...nice parallel to the porn too....congrats on being published man...that is awesome...

  2. argh, tell it like it is, brother.

  3. Oh I can see her, avoiding the mirrors.......I avoid them too, but just because I refuse to believe I look like that! Hee hee.

  4. The married woman is probably wishing you had taken her to an upmarket stylish hotel.Jaw dropping? Only in puritanical America:)

  5. BRIAN: Just meant I was publishing it here...hey, that's awesome too!
    MARIAN: I will always try, especially for you.
    SHERRY::You crack me up!
    CRESSIDA: Oh yeah, I forgot my readers are totally sophisticated (and jaded!)

  6. You must have picked the wrong kind of woman ... o, well ... live and learn, eh?

  7. CRESSIDA: Somehow I knew.
    CAT: Not wrong--just a little shy.

  8. There once was a woman, a strange kind of woman........ no, thats something else entirely, scratch that.

    Forget the porn crap, forget the boring motel room, get al fresco fella, its a hundred times more fun. And not a mirror in sight.

    Interesting that you post it now, can we do some pseudo psychoanalysis now ;-)

  9. Marriage can really ruin your joie de vivre --though I must say, porn and mirrors leave me pretty cold in any conjugal state. Your poem is sadder and wiser than my comment, however--seeing into the heart and excellent in its bare reality.

  10. Now I'm wondering if the married woman was with her husband or some other...hmmmm...

  11. TINO11: As in the Beatles' Why Don't We Do It In The Road?
    HEDGEWITCH: Only my mind could take your insightful comment about "bare reality" and see it as a double entendre!
    TALON: You're the only one so far to think of that possibility, which I have also considered as an interpretation, which would give the poem much different implications. And like any true poet, I'd rather leave it in that mysterious realm.