Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ugly people
mate for life
just like a barn owl
and his wife.

But pretty people
don't give a damn
they'll make it with
whomever they can.

just because they can

Now ugly folks
they count their blessings
grateful for what they've got--
while pretty people
they count their notches
and they always get a lot.

The prime examples
are in the movies
they are up on screen
displaying their boobies.

They're subject to temptation
and often they give in--
their couplings last about as long
as Kim Kardashian's.

You'd think with all the choices
their lives would be sublime
but flitting bees will tell you 
of so many flowers
and so little time.

But when your face
could stop a clock
and your waist is fifty-eight,
the finer things in life--like love
you've learned to appreciate.

And ugly people
mate for life
like Danny de Vito
and his wife.

Alas, life's cruelest joke 
is played upon the pretty...
they're not to be worshiped
admired or revered...
but only to be pitied


  1. guess it is a good thing i got the mug i got eh? smiles....def pity the pretty....they never eat...

  2. BRIAN: Right, and that's another thing! It isn't pretty being pretty.

  3. I love this droll commentary, Tim. Tis true, tis true!

  4. Love this, Timo ... and I'm glad I'm a barn cat ... hanging around your porch once in a while ... hoping for some catnip and cuddles :)

  5. Gosh Tim. This sounds like sour grapes. Also not true. I know lotsa pretty people with enduring relationships and ugly people who spin from one relationship to another. I feel pretty when I feel loved - in a 22 year old marriage before my hubby died and now with the man whom I expect to live the rest of my life.

    1. BTW Tim, based on the photo that used to accompany, you look attractive. I don't know how this figures with what you wrote.

  6. SHERRY, CAT: Thanks for checking in, kids!

    ARLENE: The poem is whimsical and tongue in cheek, and one can read as much "truth" into it as one wishes--depending on how you look at things. But as I said, "The prime examples are in the movies." If we go by that community as a barometer, then the poem is on target...e.g. Tom and Katy.

    Regarding your follow-up comment, well,'s kind of been the story of my life.

  7. Who said life was fair?
    Poor ugly ones... like us ...

  8. Do you identify with the pretty ones or the ugly ones?

  9. DULCE: There are ugly things about being pretty and pretty things about being ugly. And that's the ugly truth.

    ARLENE: times.

  10. You never fail to give your reader something to think about, while making them laugh at the same time. I felt that the rhyme enhanced the tale-telling with it's sing-song cadence - we should all learn this off by heart and sing along.

  11. Ha..ha... love the part of Danny and his wife ~ that's true love when you ain't got a choice...Happy day ~

  12. I do have to pity those beautiful people who have nothing but their looks. Lucky me I'm not one of them!

  13. This is absolutely brilliant. So witty. So clever. I love it. One of your best!

  14. i like this, message and especially style. though i can think of plenty of exceptions, maybe they prove the rule.

  15. ha - i like... some say that pretty people have it easier in life... but not sure if this is really true.. def. like your thoughts in here...

  16. Ah, Timo--trying to get me to feel sorry for the lookers, are ya? You could be right, because there's nothing truer than what goes around comes around, sometimes even if you've had the shots.

  17. Tell me you weren't feeling the flow! Pretty is as pretty does...not a hell of a lot... LOVED!

  18. I haven't had a good hard laugh-- or a good hard anything-- in some time. Perfect! Be sure to read mine.... speaking of so many flowers/fiori.... xxxj

  19. Some fine acid words here. A great laugh

  20. Many thanks for your comments...and kudos to all the "pretties" (you know who you are) who didn't take offense!

  21. I truly hope SOME pretty people wise up! :) I loved this.

  22. Given the content of your other posts, I had assumed you the butterfly flitting about!

  23. Doh, I think my other comment was lost in the void somewhere... and it was SO witty!

  24. MARGARET: Thanks for being there!

    KOBI KO: This is true--I was the butterfly, but I'm a GOOD boy now! ;)

    (Don't know what happened to your other comment...have you looked under the sofa cushions?)