Wednesday, July 25, 2012


How many people
would you have killed
by now
if you could just wish
somebody dead
and the deed would be done?

no consequences
and completely anonymous

you say
no one should have that kind of
 power over another
but you see
it's almost as easy
right now
it's almost as easy
just a flick of the finger
is all that it is
just a flick of the finger...

bang bang
you're dead



Truman thought that the lesser
of two evils
was to slaughter the innocents
to make the combatants sit up
and take notice
but the end is never justified
by such a means
it just means
that it's the end
but it will come around
it always does

and there you are again
my friend



if  he ever slept
for just one night
after that fateful decision
then he was a madman
just like the rest
but you see it's okay
because he was
and sometimes when God
doesn't act
we have to

and right now
it's almost
as easy
you see
it's almost as easy
for anyone
to make that call



  1. ... excellent ... let's play ...

  2. ugh...yep it is that easy to play god...i say let them keep the guns, lets register the bullets...then hold them accountable to each one....

  3. CAT: I'll feed you in a moment...just sit in my lap for now.

    BRIAN: It would be so easy--just stop SELLING the bullets, and the guns would soon enough become useless...but then what do we do about a disarmed populace that may have to defend itself against its own government someday?

  4. dang! what a tight write tim...too many people out there that want to play god..

  5. Terrifying, this world in which we live.

  6. Oh, it is, and this is one sad commentary on it, but so well said, Tim.

  7. Sleeping soundly...indeed he is a madman. I wonder how someone gets here. Is it similar to the urge to self-destruct? I don't know. This is a tight poem. More people need to be concerned about how easy it is to get a gun, and the bullets as well. Nanotechnology, I echo Brian, let's track those buggers.

  8. CLAUDIA, ARLENE, LUCYCHILI, SHERRY, STEPHANIESATTIC: Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  9. good question on defense against our own government...maybe after the next election....

  10. This is powerful stuff. Generates a lot of questions most of us would not be comfortable answering fully...well done.

  11. Oh Timo--there'd be corpses littering the floor of every place I've ever worked if wishing would have done it--and I could have gotten away with it...but in my more mellow years, I'm very glad I now realize this would be Wrong. I think it's more playing Lucifer than God--destruction not creation, but then, I'm a commie pinko atheist, so what do I know? Fine poem--I do know that.

  12. Makes me think of in the Bible where it speaks of sins of the heart. If we could wish someone dead and it would happen...there'd be a lot of dead people, I guess.

  13. Easy to play God when its all about power and showing who is the boss ~ But playing God also implies taking responsibility for one's actions, and owning the consequences. Good one ~

  14. BRIAN; I hear ya!

    HEDGEWITCH: Thanks for getting out of bed and checking in !

    KRISTINA, HEAVEN: That is the existential do we balance freedom with responsibility?