Thursday, August 23, 2012


In da movie da man
he runnin
thru da dusty western town
da man be runnin from
da sheriff
or da bad guys
don make no difference
an he turn da corner
an dere be all dem unsuspecting CHIKUNS
just a scratchin an havin a good time
an da man he trample RIGHT thru dem chikuns
cuz he don care
an da birds dey squawk
an jump high in da air
cuz dey don know what be happenin
an dey just got de SHID
scared outta dem
an in EVERY movie where somebody
be runnin
dey don give da chikuns de right of way
even when dey in a crosswalk
cuz dey only be chikuns 
da director say
an it make for good dramatic effect
an at de end of da movie it say
"no animules were harmed in da making
of dis film"
but I not so sure 
as you can see plain as day
dat dem birds had de shid
scared right outta dem
an da evidence be right dere
on de ground


  1. What goes in must come out ... :) Lucky chikins ... their fullfilling job prevents them from getting constipated ... :)

  2. the dialect in this yeah there might be some emotional trauma going on you know...smiles.

  3. LOL. I have doubts, too. Who's gonna go be countin' dem chikuns to verify the truthiness?

  4. I love this one. It started fun, but turned out horrifying where it hits me hard. I can't stand the careless cruelty of human to animals, the incidental cruelty that this shows so clearly. I hate when people say, "they're just animals.". I hate the expression in this sentence:"they treated him like an animal," as if it was okay to treat animals badly. Humans are not better; they are more powerful than animalsl and thus can make the rules.

  5. CAT: I love how you look on the bright side of things!

    BRIAN, THINGY: Thanks, guys.

    ARLENE: Thoughtful comments such as yours are what show me that my message is getting through, and that is gratifying. You are so right about who makes the rules, and that "might makes right" in our world, whether we're talking humans or animals.

  6. I dream of a better world, where chikuns can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

  7. dey don give da chikuns de right of way...
    Ha! I love the use of vernacular in this poem, so well-maintained to the end. And, you know, I've never considered it from the chikuns' perspective before.

  8. APRILLE: How eloquently put.

    KERRY: Thanks so much. Maybe we should all take a birds-eye view.

  9. I had to read it aloud so I can get it ~ No chickens harm, okay we just don't give it to them ~

  10. Ah, cluck-cluck-clearly a fowl situation.

  11. Luving this and the language set the tone throughout.. Top write

  12. So they were DIRECTED to cross the road! Against der will! It's the age-old mystery solved at da hand of your pen! ;)

  13. What a great laugh! Really, I am trying to walk through the crowd of chickens every night, and it's hard not to step on them. Truly, I try not to harm any of them.