Tuesday, February 28, 2012


d'Verse Poets Pub   Poetry Potluck

You, my fantasy island
by the seashore,
by the madness.
You're not from around here--
the planet, I mean. 

You, the mystery of mythic proportions--
like trying to decipher the lyrics to "Chasing Pavements."

You call to me on a super high frequency
that only dogs and angels can hear,
and I hasten to your side
just to let you take me for a ride.
And yes, cowboys do still exist,
but you've decided to give in to me
only on certain patriotic holidays and February 29th.

And you think of compromise
the way a field of daisies is compromised
by a free-standing outhouse--
our conversations a verbal game of paddle ball. 
If I hold your comments to the light
will I see a validating watermark?

And what kind of woman sees that I am falling for her, 
and all she can do is stand back and yell TIMBERRRR???
Yes, I am easy to manipulate--blindly optimistic,
as when Noah said: Yes, but we could sure use the rain.
The hapless grin that indicates an alarming loss of brain cells.

But there are penalties for scofflaws like you
who break the rules of love while smiling so sweetly.
Ooh...don't kiss me now...
who knows where those lips have been?

Sooner or later we must choose
to embrace life, or hold it at arms length,
now and then giving into wild abandon. 
But you say if we dance naked in the rain
who will do our choreography?

Romance is poetry
not ambiguity...
one day the heavens will part
and love will prevail...

May I have this samba?


  1. smiles...NICE... and honestly.. who cares about choreography while dancing naked in the rain....smiles
    think this was the poem you meant to link..? will fix it for you..just relax and keep on dancing that samba..

    1. Sorry this comment is in the wrong place--my computer is screwy today--Have to tell you how much this made me smile today--and don't we all want to dance naked in the rain? In Paris, naked in the rain? I don't know--but I do know that I will carry this smile with me for the rest of the day--

  2. Lots of excellent zingers in this--forgive my bald hands for not quoting them all back at you--I hate the ones who stand back and try to not read any further than the title in case they can't put the book down. Worse than the ones who never check it out.

  3. I. Just. LIKE. This. It makes me smile and laugh and wish that people would jump off the damned cliff and dance. Regardless, the lines that made me sit up and read more carefully?

    "You call to me on a super high frequency
    that only dogs and angels can hear,"

    Anyway, as I said, I just like this poem from inside somewhere where I live.

  4. smiles...some def fun along the way...who know where your or her lips have will win out in the end you know...just listen to that dog whistle some more...

  5. I will gladly hand over a pair of my rose colored glasses so you can continue to envision your space queen as she should be. Dogs and angles know the truth ;)

  6. Wow.........Timoteo, you old romantic, you! Dancing naked in the rain??? Go for it! I SO love the field of daisies compromised by a free standing outhouse. Only you could have written that phrase! It's why I keep coming back. Also love the TIMBRRRRRRRRR!!! A perceptive gal, it appears! Hee hee.

  7. Loved the wit and wisdom disguised behind this slightly skewed view of love, romance and all things related. Very clever write, fun to read.

  8. "Romance is poetry."
    __Love is a subliminal, emotional inner contract... by which, one guides one's self.

  9. Fantastic prose my friend, you weave the emotions into the imagery perfectly. Very well penned! ~ Rose

  10. CLAUDIA, DIVALOUNGER, HEDGEWITCH, JEANNETTE LS, BRIAN, NATASHA, SHERRY, GINNY, MAGYAR, (I've been looking for a definition of that--thanks!) C ROSE (Thank you from the bottom of my feet!)

    So appreciated, these comments, y'all!

  11. Oh let's give in to wild abandon, let's dance in the rain and let love prevail! All the time!

    Anna :o]

  12. vive la difference! it brings joy, happiness, a lively fun write. Happy gardening! :)

  13. I'm just laughing about trying to decipher the lyrics to 'Chasing Pavements.' Haha. This poem was delivered with your usual aplomb. Love it!