Thursday, February 9, 2012


the goddam cat
pissed on my pillow
'cause I wouldn't give him
an extra tablespoon of
his favorite canned food

I was trying to draw the line
because I was typing in a poem
and he walked across the keyboard
three times
and then SAT on it
like he always does

he knows I can't get anything done
till I get up and feed 
his obsession

don't know what happened
to that other poem
after I lost my train of thought
so instead you've got this one

thank the little pisser for that

cunningest cat I ever seen...
and one of the fattest

I gotta do some laundry 


  1. ha....darn cat...mine chases the cursor around the screen when he wants something...glad i did 4 loads of laundry yesterday...

  2. This was quite visceral (meow)

  3. He looks pretty happy in the photo - smug, even:)

  4. In that photo he looks purrrrfectly content, Tim. Damn those cats and their inability to wait on a muse! ;)

  5. Cats will be cats ... and boys will be boys ... :) Love, cat.

  6. This poem shows how the slightest thing can really distract to the point of whatever you were going to write about is completely lost. If I have a thought or poem or story in my head, I need to write it right then. :)

  7. BRIAN, NENE, THINGY, SHERRY, TALON, CAT, (wasn't referring to you when I said "goddam cat" LOL) JIRA...

    Thanks for all of your catty comments!

  8. Hahahaha - cat - 1, divine inspiration - 0
    That's so classic!

  9. They are so above us in every way. I don't try to fight it any longer. ~Mary

  10. Cats, Enjoy them but can not be around them. Too many allergies. They are into a world of their own, independent. Jack