Monday, September 16, 2013


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

We held out such hope for the man
in the beginning
but he has fallen under the spell
like all the others

We need to kill you
to save you

Doesn't get the crucial  point
that yeah 
it might be better to die
instantaneously from a missile strike
than the horrific effects of gas
but in the end you have still annihilated them
the innocents
who happened to be in harm's way
no different 
or better
in the long run
than the other side

We held out such hope for the man
but power corrupts
and it's no more than a global
chess game
to any of them

Taking out Osama
was meaningless
'cause you can't kill an ideal
all it does is create
another martyr
(but it looks so good on the resume)

It goes on
and on
and on
for those who have come
under its spell

The sandbox bully
grows up to play
in a bigger arena
and his victim vows
to get even one day

I held out such hope for the man
but all you have to do
is look into his eyes
so plain to see
that he's just like all the rest
who gaze at the world 
through the murky veil 
of maya 


  1. I had high hopes too, kiddo. But I think it is hard to make significant change when the opposition actually holds the balance of power - also the corporate status quo refuses to budge a single inch in any direction. I so agree about the end result being annihilation of innocents. Makes NO sense. "we need to kill you to save you". That's it in a nutshell.

  2. sadly, the truth...we were duped for sure for the dreams of something so much bigger...and now we will see just how similar he is....

  3. indeed, Tim. the audacity of hope.

  4. My high hopes have been dashed also...Death for death never makes any sense....

  5. SHERRY: Why is it so clear to you and me? Are we that much more intelligent, or is it just that we've been able to hold onto at least a shred of our humanity?

    BRIAN: Time to start singin' that song by The Who: "Won't Get Fooled Again." But, of course, we will.

    MARIAN: Yeah, the nerve of some people.

    SUSIE: As public opinion turns against the saber rattling and in favor of a diplomatic solution, our hope should be bolstered that the people can still have some effect on government policy.

  6. Hope is a bourgeois conceit in a feudal world. I favor George Carlin's rectifying, edifying rant (easily found on Youtube): "it's a big club, and you ain't in it".

  7. Me(ouw) wrote about it first ... see: Oracle ... now you may cuddle me to death ... purrr ...

  8. it's no more than a global
    chess game
    to any of them

    This says it all - thank you for saying it. We down South sit back in awe and watch the Northern super-powers tearing each other's throats out. It is very sad to see new hope go the way of old and disillusionment becoming the order of yet another decade.

  9. GRAPELING: Carlin is/was one of the best. But I've never heard anyone spout truth like Bill Mahr.

    CAT: Maybe, but I thought it first! (oodles of cuddles on the way)

    KERRY: Thanks once again for your input. Being out of the line of fire, so to speak, allows you a more objective perspective on such things, I think, while we in the states are constantly subjected to the "sky is falling" mentality of the next daily crisis that supposedly threatens our economy or our national security--'tis a soap opera extraordinaire.

  10. When Britain still had an empire, we took a similar approach to other people behaving in ways that we did not approve of; we called it gunboat diplomacy.

    It's sad to see successive presidents making the same mistakes as those before them, but it's also inevitable. What would happen to the US economy if the defence budget was slashed? In order to prevent that from happening, there has to be an enemy, an other to be fought against and protected from.

    In the end, it's not about people, it's not about defending the defenceless; it's about big business. And seeing as money is what gets you elected ...

  11. It goes on and on...but there will be a day of reckoning.

  12. The power and the game of revenge... always so much stronger than concelation and reason... deep within could it be hormones?

  13. RUMOURSOFRHYME: You are spot on. Our president Eisenhower tried to warn us about the military-industrial complex and the "disastrous rise of misplaced power."

    DAWN: Thanks for your input!

    BJORN: I've tried to blame things on hormones in the past, and was met with a swinging purse upside the head, so I had better not speculate about your comment!

  14. I just hate politics. It's sad and depressing and it's never-ending. You wouldn't think it could be so hard to just get along.

  15. Thank you for saying poetically what I have been feeling now for some time.

  16. RAZAMADAZZLE: Whatever happened to Rodney King, anyway?

    LIZ: Thanks--glad to know we're on the same wavelength.

  17. Your 'sand box bully' metaphor:
    __I've long referred to the "'Performance' of Politics" as "Children in a Sand-box." There, only the innocent children suffer... from the sand in their eyes.
    __From where, and when, will our next "Statesman" come to the fore? Oh, sorry, "Statesperson!" How inept my thought processes have become, and I such a fan of the late Jeane Kirkpatrick!
    __'Tis time to peacefully step away from the "Implantation" of such political rhetoric we daily face; follow our rights, regain our mind's processes, and clear... the sand from our eyes.

    the children's eyes
    opened to this spewing sand
    turning faces


  18. MAGYAR/DOUG: Good rant, my man! Sand in our eyes....another metaphor for the veil of maya.