Monday, September 9, 2013


In a campground
somewhere in Utah
(memory fades)
setting up my tent
some older folks
occupying the adjacent space
with a big  RV
looked like a couple 
of married couples
and "Mother"
likely in her eighties
along for the ride
sitting around
boozin' it up and
havin' a high old time
convivial conversation
and laughing
so much laughing
ringing through the pines

Their own private

And I thought good for them
they're happy, man
while simultaneously remembering
some statistic about alcohol abuse
being rampant among the senior population
and I thought
who has a better reason
ya know
don't need to explain that
don't need to explain it at all
suffice it to say
that for a few hours
maybe they were able to forget
or even forgive

Watching the cold stars emerge
it was time to turn in

Then sometime during the night
must have been about 2 a.m.
there was a commotion
over in the RV
and someone said
"Mother fell"
and disoriented voices repeated it

Mother fell

Prolly trying to make her way to the head 
in the dark
but you could tell it wasn't good

And then the ambulance was on its way
to come and collect her
their idyllic forest getaway
soon to be a rude awakening
of glaring emergency room lights
that nice rosy glow
of a few hours back
now faded
like a long ago dream
of happily ever after


  1. unfortunate end to what looked like a festive gathering.

  2. You took me there, Timo.......from the warm glow to the bad fall. Yes, the human condition. A tale well told.

  3. dang. i feel bad for mom...falls at that age are not easy...hopefully she is not feeling a thing right now and they can get her patches up...dont you hate it when reality invades like that...

  4. Oh, I didn't know about this statistic. That is so sad even if it is understandable. You told this story well.

  5. Watching the cold stars emerge,
    it was time to turn in

    the hot and colorful light of emergency vehicles
    break racing thru the dark... somewhere in Utah, a spark, a wildfire in our dreams peace and retreat

    The esquimaux when old take an ice flow out to sea
    the emergency personel trained in triage know
    that nothing cold can be declared dead...

  6. I'm sorry I missed this yesterday, Tim. The experience you recount here rings with authenticity, and it is such a bitter-sweet tale. The statistics concerning use of alcohol in the elderly is rather sobering, and such a humane view is presented here of the reasons why, and the sometimes tragic consequences.

  7. ABIN: Life changes in an instant.

    SHERRY: You made me think of that song, "I Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In."

    DEBI: Thanks for visiting!

    L. EDGAR OTTO: Appreciate your reflections on this.

    KERRY: Thank you so much.

  8. BRIAN: When we become party to someone else's drama, we would often like to follow up-- like a soap opera, and see what happened next-- but the reality of life is that most people drop in and out of our lives in just this manner, leaving us to speculate and reflect...and perhaps to write a poem.

  9. Poor Grandma - probably wasn't the first time...

  10. This is sad...and you tell the story so well.

  11. any hurt
    fallen beyond
    brings to my simple mind
    this endless truth of such lost harm

    __As this Cinquain might suggest: Do we not, in escaping some our harms, often wish to assume a portion of another's hurt?

  12. though getting older has its days when one wonders why they are lingering..and the writing was penned well..the tone was really sad to think about

  13. Timoteo, this one broke my heart. Like so many times with my family that started off well and ended up hell... The saddest part is that it was most likely an accident and she probably (prolly, I say that too!) broke her hip, and they'd brought her all the way out on a camping trip. Shit.

    Very, very good writing, T. Amy

  14. MARGARET: Probably right.

    CHARLIEZERO1: Much appreciated--thanks for dropping by.

    MAGYAR/DOUG: As usual, your unique insight expands the depth and breadth of the conversation.

    DORIANNA: Lingering, yes...nobody wants to, or should have to stay around longer than it makes sense to do so.

    AMY: Thanks so much. "Booze is the only answer."

  15. I'm an oldie myself, whose spontaneous fractures cause falls. I don't know many who over-indulge,and I have no head for alcohol, so mostly avoid it. But I can get high on party spirit, and your lovely scene would suit me just fine.

  16. VIVINRANCE: toga...toga...toga...

  17. Over indulgence rarely does anyone any good, Timoteo. I felt bad for mom.


  18. Interesting memory. great image of grandma tipping it back and having a laughin' good ol' time. Thanks for sharing

  19. suffice it to say
    that for a few hours
    maybe they were able to forget
    or even forgive

    Everyone has reasons. I'm not one to judge. Hell, I might have a drink or two myself.

    Thanks. You took me there :) Well done.

  20. PAMELA : Moderation in all things...that's the middle path.

    KEN: And thank you for stopping by.

    BETH: Have a couple and then go skinny dipping...sounds like a nice time to me.

  21. Poor lady! Sometimes one gets overboard without realizing. Great write Timo!