Monday, September 23, 2013

RANT # 547

 you see
now that Pandora's box
has been unlocked
and she has flipped her lid
all the little nasties who've been unleashed
can never be corralled again 
and they will do their dirty work
over and over and over again

All the wailing and gnashing of teeth
or passing some legislation
that  has none
will solve nothing
cuz you can't take away our toys now
and some 
will always choose
not to play nice

An AK-47 

IS a weapon of mass destruction
but you were too busy
screwing around 
and searching for them 
in some other land
to take notice

what to say
what to say
it's just the price you pay

Go ahead and say

it's not the weapon
it's the madman
but how many drive-by knifings
do you think would occur
if that was all that the loonies
had at their disposal?

Don't even go there
that's a vision of utopia
and what we have is dystopia
(and a touch of dyspepsia)
and it's 
going to go away

As the lame

try to placate both sides
and the bodies pile up
inside the school
or at the mall
we will learn to live with it
learn to adapt
just be sure to kiss
your kids
and tell them you love  them
when you send them off in the morning

Technology will always be

that double-edged sword

Live by it

die by it


  1. Oh please never stop ranting, Timo! Right on!

  2. i hear you....was just talking the other day with someone on what we would be willing to give up to get to peace....and to get there would we not lose a bit of freedom...which when out of the hard to get back in for sure...

  3. Powerful piece. Love how Pandora flipped her lid.

  4. Technology will always be
    that double-edged sword

    so true..few realize ....

  5. MARIAN: As long as you are there to egg me on, I won't stop!

    BRIAN: Once it's out of the box, there is no way to counteract it without making sweeping changes that would alter the entire fabric of our society. And that will be a bitter pill for everyone.

    KATHRYN: She flipped her lid, and many of us have followed suit.

  6. Oy. Sadly, your rant is all too accurate.

  7. Pandora's box is an apt symbol for the very real horror you describe. Is the hope still trapped in the box? Can you slip this poem into teh congressional report those elected guys read each day? Maybe teeth can grow.

  8. a scary piece but truth is like that..........poetic voice is doubt about it.........

  9. I cannot believe that the right to bear arms will ever solve anything, nor will it advance the human race in any degree.

  10. __The lid of her pithos, has been open and disgorging evil since Pandora received that gift from Zeus. And we, locked in our stony "Prometheus Syndrome," are giving each day... as that eagle visits. But the joy of giving... keeps us alive, caring overcomes evil... and caring continues to support that giving. _m

  11. SHERRY: Thanks, and thanks for always being there.
    SUSAN: Sadly, I don't think many politicians read poetry. I mean, what poet would say and do the ridiculously stupid things that they do?

    SUMANA: You got it, and thanks for stopping by.

    KERRY: When you get right down to it you are right...but man has always sought to invent ways to knock off his fellow man, and being the inventive species that we are, you see where it has gotten us.

    MAGYAR: Pat Benetar sang "Love Is A Battlefield." Life is a minefield. It is probably no more dangerous to be alive today than in any other era--you get caught in a terrorist get caught up in the jaws of a dinosaur...probably all balances out in the end. But you are wise to accentuate the positive (and don't mess with Mister In-Between!)

    L. EDGAR OTTO: Thanks, my man!

  12. I think i got the lid when he flipped! Nice work

  13. Well, it is a good rant and so much is true..sad to say...

  14. it is a double edged sword - and when it comes to weapons.. some people will handle them with more care and wisdom than with everything in life

  15. Amen Brother Timo!

  16. You've covered this topic perfectly--it is a double-edged sword.

  17. ...sigh. Nothing I can add - you've said it. Sadly, someday there will be another rant...