Friday, August 2, 2013


It was a dark and horny night
dirty diapers and the Doppler effect
were in the air

Damaged child
with his Tinker Toys
don't make any noise
fighting the storm of surprise
under the guise
of normalcy

Who have you been
for lo these many lives
and how many people
are crying quietly inside you?

He heard a dog panting
felt its hot turd breath
on the back of his neck
the dog proffered his paw
and introduced himself

All relationships
involve sacrifice
and just as Paul Simon
has surely suffered for his Art
we look at the world
and discern discordant landscapes
a woman's mountain
a man's molehill
If only I could remember
your memories
but I'm stuck with my own

on an international scale
is what's required
we'll send Olive Oyl
with an olive branch
and if that doesn't work
we'll send Popeye
to sock you in the eye

We've trained with the best
we've paid our dues
or you would not see the stellar
lip-syncher who stands before you today

Back off boogaloo
I've got no use
for pretentious retorts
you're certified crazy and
there's some kind of shit
some kind of madness
in the way you've chosen
to live in this world

Blue smoke
echoes of ourselves
reverberating through time
I'm setting off for someplace
east of the sun
and west of Rangoon

And I don't owe this silly world a thing
but maybe another poem


  1. always another poem...smiles.
    ha i like your olive oyl and popeye bit there...seems true...though i wonder if we dont send popeye first at times to soften them up for peace...

  2. BRIAN: Yes, the order is often reversed...we'll see if Obama follows through with his visit to Russia, or if he sends a drone over there to try eliminate Putin.

  3. relationships do need sacrifice...

  4. another poem sound like a great idea - esp like this one!

  5. VANDANA: Thanks for participating!

    SAM EDGE: Thanks, and good to see you.

  6. Yes, another poem, and a thousand more after that! The world has its hand out and you better pay up! :-)

    So much of this stood out for me! Well done!

  7. 'dog proffered his pawand introduced himself'...'Olive Oyl with an olive branch'...'Popeye to sock you in the eye'... made me smile and for sure would love to read another poem.

  8. Timoteo, other than the fact that I don't believe Paul Simon ever suffered for his art (hard to suffer when you're ripping off world music and living high off the hog!!), I loved this poem. It zigzags all over the place, as though words were grabbed off the edges of random thoughts. It really works, but I still don't understand it! Amy

  9. hopefully not just one, Timo. let's have a whole lot more. love this.

  10. DANCES WITH VODKA: Thank you so, may I have this dance?

    AMY: You may not have noticed that "Art" is capitalized...makes a big difference in meaning (smiles). "It really works, but I still don't understand it!" One of the nicest compliments I have ever received, Amy!

    MARIAN: Yes, there's more where that came from, so hide the wimmen an' chillden!

  11. HIMANI: Thanks for the visit--so nice to have you.

  12. Lots of sharp images there; and a lot of strong feeling too. I enjoyed reading this.

  13. There's something important in this poem, I just can't put my...oh well. I'm make my own importances, anyway. Why listen to anyone else when I have so many noises in my own head.. btw-- spot on with Simon and his ART, loved that much. Your poems always have lines where I say, "I wish I'd said that." Peace, Jason

  14. RUMOURSOFRHYME: You're a gentleman and a scholar.

    JASON: Ha ha--turnabout is fair play! Glad you enjoyed it.

  15. And I don't owe this silly world a thing
    but maybe another poem

    Yes, you can say that again! Great write Timo! Bring it on again!


  16. KAYKUALA: Thanks, and good to hear from you.

  17. Tim of course, I am not surprised.
    I feel a rant of my own coming on.
    Great write. Great flow here.
    Thanks I feel inspired for my next write.

  18. "Life is a cow pie, watch your step", she said to her children ... as she stepped into it ... been there, done that ... you?

  19. SEASIDEAUTHOR: I inspired you? That is the best compliment one could receive!

    CAT: A classic case of "Do as I say, not as I do." But if you put a little whipped cream on that cow pie, it goes down easier.