Monday, August 12, 2013


I saw this late night TV show
about tantra
and sacred sexuality
with this truly intriguing dude
of the severe 
Hungarian features--
long straight hair
and hot bod
who says as a tantra instructor
he's had sex
with anywhere from a thousand
to two thousand women
(he lost count)
all in the name of divine energy
and liberation
of course.

They toss around words like dakini

(female embodiment of enlightened energy)
and polyamory
(all right, if you must know, pigs--it means promiscuity)
and they showed some actual tantra going on
(it's SEX--okay, pigs?) 
these folks are new-age 
to the point of self-parody.

But this is serious stuff, folks--

and I, of a long-standing
Buddhist/ Hindu persuasion
am not here to make light
of any of it--
but I think we just gotta laugh
at ourselves sometimes and
 the lengths we will go to
and the ways in which
we try to dress it up
(like putting lipstick on a pig, pigs)
when all it's about
or has ever been about
since the day we left the garden
is just getting laid. 


  1. I knew this would be commentary I could align myself with from the first lines. Call it what you like, dress it up or down... then get laid.

  2. loads of an Indian, I've had my share of dealings with such hocus focus.just rubbish it all out, I say. If you are meant to experience the divine presence you can do it with or without sex...just a matter of perspective and the right cast of mind.but all this divine justification for being horny does get my goat.

  3. HUMBIRD: Thanks, and welcome to my humble abode. (Leave your shoes just outside the door.)

    KERRY: Somehow I knew you would resonate with this!

    ABIN: It's great to get your perspective on this!

  4. Pigs are smarter than cats ... they eat clean good food ... cats eat wormy mice and psychedelic catnip ... be smart and take your pig(ck) :)

  5. It's just putting names to justify whatever cravings or yearnings in whatever which way. Different folks with their own blend as long as they enjoy themselves! Brilliant take, Tim!


  6. haha yes indeed....though i will say there is a fine line between intimacy and spirituality...but yes, 1000 women...he may just be the most religeous guy i know...smiles....

  7. Well THAT many women would probably take DIVINE energy.... Laughing, yes, I'm laughing. Dressed up or not, bullshit is easy to see :)

    1. haha..loving that comment...i guess he had small breaks in between...haha

  8. Oh, but thousands of times? How do you like 'THEM pigs?!


  9. CAT: I totally agree with your assessment of cats, cat!

    KAYKUALA: As long as we enjoy ourselves, yes, I think that's the key ;)

    BRIAN: I mean, what else can it be but a "religious experience" when one is going "Oh God...Oh God . Oh God..."

    MARGARET: It takes some real energy to be sure...I hope he eats his Wheaties in the mornings!

    KAREN: The same way I like "them apples," my dear!

  10. *wink*
    and also, the ad right under this post asks whether we are using the Law of Attraction. "Discover why thousands of people are now discovering the answer!"

  11. MARIAN: This dude was using the law of attraction bigtime, it would appear!

  12. Ah, yes, I've met my share of people with a ... shall we say... very individual interpretation of Eastern philosophy or religion?
    I love your concluding lines.

  13. CLAUDIA: Yes, two five minute bathroom breaks and a half-hour for lunch, and then it's back to work!

    MARINA: Glad you liked it, and so nice of you to drop by

  14. now how long will it take to get the image of pigs done up in lipstick out of my head? :-)

  15. SHERRY: Thanks. Hee hee.

    HISFIREFLY; Just think Miss Piggy--I believe she wears lipstick, and she's really kinda cute!

  16. Timeteo, I'm laughing my ass off! My ex was into some funky stuff, but when he left a Kama Sutra book open on the dresser in my daughter's room at his place, I stopped the overnights for a while... The "pigs" repetition is funny, and yes, it really IS all about getting laid. Same thing happens in the wacko fringe of Christianity - you know, the guy is honoring God's creation by bonking every teenage girl in the church... or worse...

    Great sense of humor. Oh my God, I'm still laughing. Amy

  17. SUSIE: Hey, how about a little laughter yoga!

    AMY: Ha ha--it's like when you first meet someone you are attracted to and you try to think of anything and everything to say about totally safe and irrelevant stuff to try to conceal what you are really thinking because if you mentioned what you were really thinking she might haul off and slug you...then again, it might be a positive response...seems that we are always, in one way or another, trying to disguise the true nature of our base instincts, even as we are putting those instincts into practice!

  18. This was funny read.. and i can imagine this stuff for some is just about getting laid... Repetition of pigs just increase the strength of this piece.

  19. BJORN: Paris Hilton likes to walk into a room and say, "Hey, bitches." I like to walk into a room and say, "Hey, pigs." It's a more gender neutral term.