Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Oh how I loathed
Kate Smith
with her black sequined dress
with what must have been 
a really tight girdle

When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
on our little TV 
every day at 4

and that diminutive version of me
I was ready for some damn rock n roll
but we were right on the cusp
and it didn't exist yet

And Ma would say
(through an alcohol-induced haze)
that someday, son, you will see
that love is just the way she sings it
so when you find a girl
a really NICE girl
you will commit to her
and properly channel your lust
but only when she doesn't have a headache
are you getting all this, son?

And I told her Paulie had said that
there weren't any nice girls anymore
and that that was just an act
because they were horny too
and she said go to your room

But I didn't mind because
there were some magazines 
stashed away there
that seemed to show that Paulie 
had a pretty good idea
of  what he was talking about


  1. ha. yes, there are bad girls...and there are still good girls...dont believe the brainwashing on the headache though, ha. who knew they were so

  2. BRIAN: As most young women now aspire to be Rihanna or Lady Ga Ga, the image of the "nice girl" has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    1. when i saw a 5 year in a push up bra...i gave up

  3. Hilarious.Nice gals have a secret weapons department to keep their men smiling and in check:)
    It's the guys who have headaches these days.( a lot of complaints being made lately by the Ladies Who Lunch)

  4. There are still 'nice girls' Timoteo as there are still 'nice' boys.

    Maybe girls were always horny - just had to keep it under wraps as society (then) deemed niceness as chastity. I am certain there was and is, chaste gals who are not very nice at all.

    The ethics and morals of society do appear to be slipping into the pan - but don't think it's just down to the lack of 'nice girls'... (I do realise you were not implying this.)

    Anna :o]

  5. RALLENTANDA: Ah, what goes around comes around, eh? Yes, women have those secret chemical weapons--they're called pheromones--and they can lead to fatal attraction in men.

    ANNA: Well, we do have Tim Tebow--I'll give you that!

  6. vintage Timo, this. i love it.

  7. i swear i just commented here, for crying out loud. and now i am commenting AGAIN because i love this ramble so much. vintage Timo!

  8. MARIAN: Two for the price of one...I am blessed!

  9. Good ol' Paulie! He knew!

  10. SSMATTHEWS: Yes, some were more precocious at that age than others!

  11. This is so hilarious, especially about the girts being horny too......and the "Go to your room". I so love your poems, Timo!

  12. Sounds like my son Paul(ie) and his mama ... naughty , but nice ... meouw ... :)

  13. JC: Can't tell if your memories are fond ones or not--you know where mine fall!

    SHERRY: Thank you so much, sweetheart!

    CAT: Did you tell him the same stuff? Hope not! LOL

  14. Ah, the joys of adolescent masculinity ... so glad that's behind me ... smiles.

    I suspect nt much has really changed; we are just nore blatant about things than we used to be.


  15. I hear you brother. I never did like her, but we made up for it in the 60's and 70's.>KB

  16. TONY: And as I'm sure you'll agree, blatant does not necessarily mean sexier.

    ANNOTATING60: Once in a while you will still hear a recording of her at a baseball game...that's why God invented ear plugs!

  17. Timoteo, you manage to bring a smile to my face, thank you.


  18. My wife has a headache all the time I write I write I write I write...I cannot seem to soothe the headache. She is a good girl too. smiles good to see you friend love ya too.

  19. PAMELA: Mission accomplished! Thanks!

    KATE MIA: Why is it the nice girls get a lot of headaches, while the naughty ones never seem to? My warmest wishes and deepest sympathies, my friend!

  20. I love how a childhood memory can so vividy describe the point at which innocence gives way...a really good write! ~peace, Jason

  21. JASON: Thanks. Great to hear from you!