Saturday, March 17, 2012


Poetry Potluck--With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

She had a checkered past.

But with my thrift store
mentality, I didn't mind buying used--
(there's something very cozy
about things that are broken in)
long as it looked like
it would stand up to the
wear and tear. 

One day she said to me:
Why are you with me?
I'm such a whore.

I like whores, I said.

She gave me a look of utter incredulity.

But if she had thought about it,
even a little,
she would have figured that out
the third time we visited 
the Salvation Army store. 


  1. ha...there is something about things a little broken in man...very buk in your delivery as well...

  2. You are kind, Tim.......I love thrift stores too!!!! They so rock! Love the line about things that are broken in.

  3. Hahameow! I'll buy a lot at Goodwill, but never shoes...

  4. This is quite a post...
    whore is an interesting concept.

  5. Very nice use of the thrift shops ...and "whore" is relative.

    An interesting post...Hope you link in every Monday at RT ~

    Happy day to you~

  6. Rough and raucous, yet loving and appreciative, the tone of this piece forces the reader to reconsider, to think twice.

  7. things that are truly beautiful have signs of life. they are nicked and dinged and faded a little. the japanese call it wabi-sabi. the velveteen rabbit calls it becoming alive. six of one...

  8. Ha!!! I noticed that everyone commented about liking thrift stores too, but nary a comment about liking whores. This was like a short movie with an awesome cast. Reality tends to sink in deeper when it catches you by surprise. Loved this...great job.

  9. Gotta agree with Brian on this, my mind immediately jumped to Bukowski reading this. And with my own thrift-store, wabi-sabi, picker mentality, I could really relate. Love, love, love this!

  10. BRIAN, SHERRY, TERI(the only thing I won't buy at a thrift store is underwear--I don't want to get THAT cozy!)

    EVELYN, HEAVEN, KIM (thanks for your insightful comment)

    SHAWNACY (right--half of one and six dozen of another)

    HEROTOMOST (thanks...I think I'm in line with Jesus on that issue. By the way--I almost spelled your name HETERO TO MOST--that would have given it an entirely different slant!)

    MARY (what a lovely comment--thanks for visiting!)

    Appreciate your comments, gang!

  11. There is a part of me that really just has to chuckle loudly at this--thrift stores and whores--and the low budget blues--Loved this!

  12. i love it....very buk indeed...he was all broken we all are....naked in the haha..your comments always crack me up...smiles

  13. Find me someone that isn't a whore these days. I'm also a great believer in the virtue of things that last, however much they're used. A cohesive and original bit of observation in this, my friend, as well as a nifty write. I like a checkered past, but I think mine is more paisley.

  14. ha! A little used and worn isn't always a bad thing.

  15. A very brazen offering... I do so like to be kept amused. Nicely done. : )

  16. i def dont go for hand me down underwear...i wrote a poem on that...never posted it...i just might now

  17. This is so clever, Tim. "I don't mind buying used..." Such a good metaphor for the whole story.

  18. Ah... I like this... funny and yet somehow so very, very true. ;)

  19. A quick character sketch that fills in - with a few lines - the profiles of not one, but two memorable characters.

  20. I like this, Timoteo ... a lot ... in many ways ... because of the Salvation Army mentalility ... it's the way to look at things and people ... it's the only way to look at things and people ... the more I look the more I love ... you ... thank you ... Love, cat. PS: I have a broyher by the name of Timothey ...

  21. We're all a little used and a little whore-ish. Love the almost-accidental intimacy on your sleeve here.
    I agree (again) with the Bukowski's comparisons. It's a high complement.

  22. MARI,
    Always great to hear from you....appreciate the compliment immensly, and your attention to detail! LOL

    Thanks, man.