Thursday, August 11, 2011

THIS POEM (inspired by the debt crisis, the economy, war, rampant paranoia name it.)

This is not your father's poem
we must admit it's true...
this poem belches at the dinner table
picks its nose at the opera
and passes gas in church...PEW!
This poem is a nasty little bugger that will sneak a peek up your dress
or bite you on the rear if you don't stand clear.
This poem stepped on a crack and broke your mother's back.
This poem wants you to wear your stiletto heels and give its ass a whack.
This poem doesn't give a damn if you're black or if you're white.
This poem IS black...this poem IS white.
This poem don't care if you're gay or if you're straight.
This poem IS pretty gay...and this poem WILL set you straight.
This poem needs no critique,
nor will it ever appear in some anal-retentive academic journal.
This poem possesses no mystique,
but its heart is pure and its message eternal.
This poem don't care about what's "PC" or what isn't...
This poem is free to sing My Country 'Tis of Thee...or 'tisn't.
This poem makes no apology to any lace-panty wearing pantywaists
who may be offended by words--
who believe that speech should be free
only when they agree.
This poem don't cotton to no flag waving love-it-or-leave-it hypocrites
who tell us we should love the symbol more
than what the symbol stands for.
(Do you KNOW what it stands for?)
This poem believes that life, liberty, and the pursuit of "hap"
is being threatened by the whiners and all of their crap.
This poem knows that our minds have been brainwashed
by those whose misdeeds have been whitewashed
until everything we believe is hogwash.
This poem advises you to murder your television.
This poem has had a hell of a vision
that your television is out to murder you.
This poem wants us to get our heads together--
this poem wants us to get our shit together,
but this poem doubts whether SHITHEADS can ever get it together!
This poem is bi-coastal.
This poem went postal.
This poem is headed for a fall...
this poem banged its head against the wall
and passed out in the toilet stall.
This poem is a celebration of what America once thought she could be...
and a requiem for what she has become.
This poem is done.


  1. BUBBA,
    Right on, your eminence!

  2. strong write the voice, the candor and the humor at times...some things that def need to be said...

    this poem rocks...

  3. ha! you said "PEW"
    har har har...
    I really like this. I wish I had thought of this.
    More crotchety-goodness.
    Now I'm thinking of 20 more lines that we could slip in. ( ha! slip in)
    this is the poem that never ends, da da da da, it just goes on and on my friends, some people STARTED writing it not knowing what it was, but then they kept on writing it forever just because this is the poem that never ends, da da da da...
    I'm clearly manic.
    and could go on all day.
    Like the poem!
    I wont sing the song again...
    Da da da da!
    Ok, now I am really clicking the post comment button....NOW!
    ok NOW!

  4. BRIAN,
    Thanks, man.

    It's clear that you and I should collaborate on a poem...I can only imagine the outcome! (har har)

  5. I'd LOVE to see THAT collaboration - could you try it, please, pretty please? A Standing O for this one, Timoteo. I grinned and nodded the whole way through.

  6. -murder your television-

    Reality TV, iz 'paal-a-ticks?'

    Or izit a... pile-a-tics?

    Tired, _m.

  7. So freaking good. Love your passion. Love your conviction. Oh yeah!!!!

  8. And I weep for my country. When Bachmann wins... anything, I wonder, what the hell happened to us?

    You make me think, Timoteo.

  9. THINGY,
    Thanks. Dissolution happens so gradually sometimes, like the chipping away at our freedoms and civil liberties, some of us hardly notice it--still mouthing the platitude "freedom" when, unfortunately, it means less and less in real terms as time goes by. Can a great country slowly slip down that slippery slope to into "third-worldlyness?" It may be happening before our eyes.

  10. I'm with you on this-- thinks have been so tough. It's hard to keep on getting up in the morning, much less writing. But we all need each other, si? Thanks for your support, encouragement on my blog, Tim. xxxj

  11. AWESOME!!! This poem needed to be birthed, though it may be the baby with the big feet and birthmarks rather than the pretty dainty little one. Keep 'em coming!

  12. lol you tellem poem :)

  13. this poem should be required reading! I laughed a lot but there is a sad truth to what you have written. I am even more aware of the changes in the US since I left nine years ago to be a volunteer in Brazil. At that top of the list of things that trouble me is the destruction of our civil rights under the guise of "Homeland Security." But my list is much longer. Keep writing and telling our truth! Hugs, pat