Sunday, August 14, 2011


I had a dream that Sarah Palin
was letting me feel her up--
and during those few moments
when my hands
were running wild over her body,
fingers even slipping inside her pants,
I thought that I might even
get to like her a little--
even though I find her politics
and her cavalier disregard for living creatures
but getting a feel for her was
and no, she didn't mind at all--
so I felt a bit confused
when she said she would do
whatever it took to win my vote,
and so I said okay
you've got my vote...
cuz that was what it took.

Then I allowed her to get back in line,
and she boarded her flight.


  1. is it correct that I heard porno music in my head while reading this?
    maybe I dont mean "correct", maybe I mean "decent"?
    She is pretty hot.

  2. haha well at least your vote can't be bought with cash.

  3. I love your take on your dream! I don't think I'll ever dream of her actually, I don't think she would even get a vote from me. But who knows what one would do if they had the opportunity your dream had. *hmmm. Fun read!

  4. I don't doubt for a minute that if politicians could get away with selling their bodies for a vote, it would come as easily as selling their souls, which they've already done.

    I must say though, the idea of feeling up Sarah Palin leaves me with a strong desire to go be ill somewhere.

  5. haha...lovin the political poems today...ugh...and they would probably give it to grease your fingers for the polls...just saying..

  6. Maybe you should slap a warning label somewhere. . . except I burst out laughing on reading those two opening lines. You need to get out more.

  7. how hilarious is this. Just loved it. Perhaps she isn't getting enough at home and that's why she has to shoot things and run around the country looking ridiculous. xxxxj

  8. OH JOY!

    Your theme is ultra

    Palin - she is hot

    Politics or not

    You kick ass

  9. I think you have found a splendid way to address political commentary in poetry. Very clever write ~ Rose

  10. Lust is always getting in the way of our better judgment. Your poem made me laugh - but the visual of SP as a sexual being is just too creepy.

  11. Ha..ha... I like it ~

    On the serious side, I won't be surprised if its really happening.

  12. EVELYN,
    So you know what porno music sounds like, eh?

    Good point!

    Thanks a bunch for visiting. Let it be known that I changed my vote as soon as I woke up!

    Ha ha! Just goes to show what our "brave" heroes on the front lines of airport and homeland security must be "reluctantly" doing each and every day!

    Greasing the there's a visual for you, if you put yourself in the narrator's place!

    No warning label needed because, as is usual with me, it's all in the eye (or in this case, the hand) of the beholder...but you're right about needing to get out more!!!

    Hey thanks! Yeah, guns are just big phallic symbols, so maybe she's missing a part she really wished she had?

    Well, there's lots of sexy shots of her on the internet from back in the day...if it hadn't been for John McCain drooling over them (could there be any other reason why he picked her?) she'd still be just another airhead in a bikini.

    C ROSE,
    Good job of reading through the lines!

    Creepy...yeah. Well, Halloween IS coming up...

  13. I too laughed out loud... but towards the end I began to appreciate just what a serious political statement this piece actually is. And wonderful that you combine it with such humour and make it accessible and interesting n doing so. The centre-alignment made it a little harder to read for me though.

    I think this is great

  14. Yoiks! If I ever dreamed of Sarah Palin, I'd wake up gagging in horror. I love your "I dont do facebook" dog, by the way! So cute.

  15. HEAVEN,
    Any chance to tickle you, my dear...

    Thanks, man. It's always gratifying when my message gets through.

    Yeah, I chuckle whenever I look at him too! (Sorry, didn't mean to give you nightmares with this one... hee hee...

  16. What, no BJ or even a token French kiss? What cheap perfume did she wear? A padded underwire bra? Shaved down there? Enquiring Minds Want to Know! "Then I allowed her to get back in line"? I thought she was always out of line. But maybe not as much as a guy "allowing" any woman to do anything these days. Wonder what Sarah told the Homeland Security people at the airport about your "consentual" molestation?!? All a riot...

  17. CHARLES,
    Hey, this is a family blog, you know (RIGHT!) Anyway, all that is standard operating procedure for airport security screeners.

  18. Great poem with a poignant message beyond the humour. Made me smile. Let's hope she doesn't have the opportunity to proverbially finger you and the world back.

  19. This is a clever satire - down to the basics.

  20. Aahh.. witty!! And at the same time poignant!
    Desire is indeed the root cause of all evil ;-)

  21. Absolutely I have.
    I am an open book, up in here...
    tee hee...
    this is how you type porno music:
    bow chicka bow bow

    Right...we might all have to move to know, you can see Russia from there!

    Thanks so much...yes, we're dealing with a base subject...I mean, the basics anyway.

    "I am an open book, up in here..."
    Not sure how to interpret that, but it sure made me laugh!
    Bow chicka bow bow...yeah...makes for a really good beat--and as I'm sure you know, it's important to maintain the beat!

    Thanks for checking in!

  23. KAVITA,
    Appreciate your comment. But if desire is the root cause of all evil, how do you reconcile that with being so desirable yourself?

  24. strange lol bet you didnt want to wake up xxjen

  25. You are a very naughty boy but the truth is the woman would do anything for a vote. Did she say the word 'maverick' at any stage during the dream? Just wondering....Hilarious!

  26. JENNY,
    I didn't want to wake up until she started saying, "There you go again..."

    I love it when you say I'm a naughty boy, with that look in your eye...

  27. hi naughty boy lol just called by have a good sunday lol xxjen

  28. JENNY,
    Sending naughty thoughts your way...LOL