Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm just a happy fool
don't know that I'm s'posed to be miserable
takin' it as it comes
day by day

Market's in a free-fall
Cops  yelling " Up against the wall!"
London is burning
(not Paris for a change)
yet the world keeps turning
think I'll go to the mall

Economy teeters on the brink
Ask the man in the street what he think
gas prices are through the roof
think I'll go out and have a drink

I'm just a happy fool
don't know that I'm s'posed to be miserable
takin' it as it comes
day by day

TV screamin'
'bout all that's wrong
and here's a new movie 'bout monsters
stay tuned for more doom and gloom
after these words from our sponsors

If you're gonna try to fly
then don your clean underwear
'cause the perverts now wear uniforms
and they'll be touching you "down there"

Folks are easily manipulated
we follow along like ants
one news story
after another
designed to make you crap your pants

Makes some folks wonder
why they should get up in the morning
but all I see
is a new day dawning

Ten years after and people gettin' jittery
'cause Al Qaeda's playing their games
turn it all off
save the aggravation
and your life will be the same

I'm just a happy fool
don't know that I'm s'posed to be miserable
takin' life as it comes
day by day


  1. I think I'll join you, being happy is good for me! :-) Nicely done with some nose tweaking and sly smiles at those who are 'so serious'...!!

  2. Well-played, Tim-0-- I share in your take on the hyping of the "threat" and renewed overexposure to that terrible day-- although I put something up not dark, to commemorate it. Thanks so much for following my work and participating in the meme-- besos-- j

  3. Love, love, love this. Haven't had a television for years, do not read "news" papers, and avoid all the gloom and doom people I can. I keep my life as cheerful, loving, and fun and hope my little stone in the pond sends out ripples that help others. Great poem, lots of fun, and Sooo true. BTW, what other side of me? Don't go telling my secrets, bad boy tim! hugs, pat :-)

  4. And this is exactly why I love to visit here. Yes, just turn it all off, and enjoy the new dawn of each day. And if being happy through it all makes you a fool then be a fool, right?

  5. that is how to live...way too much junk going on but if you let it get you down life would really suck for sure....i dont typically watch the news....because it rarely

  6. im smilin lol best to take each day and make it as happy as you can unlike my day from hell yesterday where nothing went my way hmm but here i am reading your blog sipping wine and getting happier by the minute do you want a glass ?

    Have a happy!

    besame...besame mucho...

    I am psychic, so no secrets are safe with me! lol

    Like the Beatles song, "Fool On The Hill."

    Watching the news will rot your brain.

    I would love a glass. Can you send it priority mail?

  8. I love it! Mind if I join you?

  9. Amazing poem. So current!

    Here is my entry

  10. one priority glass of wine on its way lol have a lovely week whatever your up too tim xxjen

  11. __As Kathy and I say... the "BREAKING NEWS!" has just broken!

    'Nuther good one Tim! _m

  12. oh yes everyone should join you in being happy this is what we all should do in our life be happy

    Thanks for the flip off!

    Always room...

    Current, yes...I've got my finger on the...never mind!

    I hope you sent BOXED wine! LOL

    Thanks...I always cherish seeing your name in the comment section.

    Happy happy joy joy

  14. Very true, block out the noise and be a happy fool, just don't drool, that isn't cool.

  15. We're all pretty much fools anyway, basically, so you might as well be happy. (That's my story, too, and I'm glad we're both sticking with it.)

  16. Wow. I really like this... aside from that, 'boy isn't that the truth' as I read what you wrote.

  17. I avoid the news as much as possible but somehow it floats through the air and soaks into me anyway. Guess I need to persist in my folly.

  18. how ironic - cuz I am just a miserable fool that doesn't know I'm suppose to be happy.

  19. Fun. I'm with you. Enough fear and moaning, enough self-pity. Life is a fatal condition from day one. But it's also a gift, and we ought to make the most of it. Laugh in the sunshine! Sing every day! We are so looooooong dead...

  20. I liked it my friend... its perfectly done.. and good to read ...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  21. Great write the fool does have a simpler existence. Enjoyed this ~ Rose