Monday, December 27, 2010


Poetry Potluck
One Shot Wednesday

Somewhere there's a girl for me
MAYBE hanging out in a TREE
one day I'll just look up
and THERE she'll be...

And she will not be Miss America,
though she may be dedicated to world peace--
and she doesn't care for fancy cars,
or closing down the bars,
and she will have no scars,
though there may be a small tattoo
that isn't readily visible...

And she will not be Miss America,
though she may have a bikini wax--
and she will be outrageous,
but not contagious,
and she will dig Steely Dan
and love me for who I am...

And she will not be Miss America,
though she may have some type of marginal talent--
like tying a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue,
or spitting her gum farther than anyone.

And she will be hip and sassy
but not too classy
and her eyes will be a trap door you fall into
coming face to face with the Mad Hatter.

And she will say things like: "Did you ever find a penny
that came out of your dog's butt?"
(Hold onto that--it's a lucky one!)

And she will not be Miss America,
though she may be at her best being under dressed--
and she will be all natural up front
for even a little sag is better than the drag
of learning "first hand" that her statistics are inflated.

And she will eat finger food with a fork,
and fork food with her fingers,
how the scent of her lingers...

And she will not whack off
all of her hair on a whim,
thinking that she will look like Halle Berry--
when in truth, like most,
she would more closely resemble Mister Spock--
what a shock!

Oh, the girl for me is somewhere
maybe lost at sea...
how will she ever find me?

She's looking for a poet,
but doesn't know it--
a man with a kind heart,
kind of an old fart,
looking for a new start...

And she will not be Miss America,
but she will pray and she will weep for America--
now I lay me down to sleep in America,
where beauty's only skin deep in America,
and magazine smiles can't conceal
the bewilderment that we feel
at having tossed off one King George
only to be saddled with another--
then lo and behold...we got ourselves a BROTHER!

And the girl for me will see through all the lies, and alibis
for she will be wise, but won't show it,
and she will be beautiful, but won't know it,
and she's out there somewhere looking for a poet
who thinks he may have already blown it--for good.

Oh, the girl for me is somewhere....
maybe hanging out in a tree--
one day I'll just look up
and there she'll be...

Yeah, I think THAT will be the girl for me.


  1. I'd be curious to see how/where/when you write this stuff, Tim, what your inspirations are, how the wheels turn! Are you truly wearing your heart on your sleeve in this piece? "She's looking for a poet,but doesn't know it--a man with a kind heart,kind of an old fart,looking for a new start." I'm guessing that would be you - the old fart! ARE you looking, or is this a work of fiction?

  2. LINDA,
    Oh, the way you SUGAR COAT everything!

    Sure, I'm looking.

  3. Keep looking up in those trees Tim....who knows what glorious fruits may fall out.

  4. GYPSY,
    Just as long as it's not a lemon! LOL

  5. sweet and funny words, I like the line about the girl in the tree, reminds me of some song which apparently I can't seem to remember

  6. This made me smile. You've written the lyrics, now someone needs to give it a tune.

  7. LISSA,
    I can't remember any song about a girl in a tree--I only know when someone is in a tree, it tends to be a girl. :)

    Only thing is, it would be longer than "American Pie!"

  8. And a lucky girl she will be :)

  9. CINDY,
    A real sweetheart you are, if there ever was one.

  10. Tim, I really enjoyed the rhythm and the flow of this poem. You have an ability to bring such lightness even as you're being serious and the juxtaposition is charming. I have a feeling you're going to look up into just the right tree and see just the right girl.

  11. I'll be sure to look up as I walk down the street and report any arboreal females I happen upon to you.

  12. I read it, I could. wow. I hope you find her.

  13. TALON,
    Loved your comment and the insight you bring.

    Do you ever do any tree climbing? :)


    Girls don't grow on trees, (LOL) but I'm so happy you read this bit of whimsy!

  14. This is whimsical,catchy and full of hope. It reads a bit like a song. I like how you have described a girl with flaws and quirks. She seems like someone I would really like. I'm sure she is out there for you and it will be her lucky day when she finds you.

  15. You must not make Fart Jokes in a Poem, fine Sir.

    Good day to you.



  16. SELMA,
    She wouldn't have to have ALL these qualifications, but definitely being a "natural" woman is one of them! ;)


    Pardon me
    If I have sinned
    But thy utterance smacks
    Of breaking wind!


  17. You are giving, and forgiving...I like that in a man.

  18. TERI,
    I like a woman who likes that in a man. :)

  19. __More than thirty years ago, Kathy was in my tree, she has been my "Miss America" since.
    __We cherish our failures, laugh at our successes, and we ignore false idols... those media created, "inflated icons."
    __Well, in truth, I do have one idol, the comic charactor "Marmaduke."
    __Fine hope, here, Timoteo, and I feel your sincerity. Doug

  20. MAGYAR,
    "We cherish our failures, laugh at our successes..."
    Wow, the insight into you that gives me! :)

  21. and i'm wondering, what the heck is she doing in a tree? ??????/ lolllllzzzzz this is cute!

  22. MANJU,
    Waiting to pounce on me when I walk by. LOL

  23. It was so much fun reading this poem...
    I hope that whoever she is must be hip and sassy :)

  24. Truth and humor are never far apart, and they're joined at the hip in this one. An entertaining journey from love to Steely Dan to appearence v reality to politics. Enjoyed every word. Hope your New Year has a tree full of non-Miss Americas and it doesn't rain men instead.

  25. Greetings, you win the celebrate blogger of 2010 award in humor…

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    Hope your day go well,
    Happy New Year!

  26. Somewhere there's a girl for me
    MAYBE hanging out in a TREE
    one day I'll just look up
    and THERE she'll be...

    lovely humor..
    perfect rhymes and musical flow..


  27. You never fail to deliver the best poems. So fun and hopeful and yet a great message underneath. Love this.

  28. your ideal women hung on the tree? haha just joking- anyway i thought this is lovely and lively! mines here-

  29. When you finally find your gal, up in that tree, she'll be a real peach, the apple of your eye and (hopefully) not some kind of nut!

    (I couldn't bring myself to make a cherry pun)

  30. Love the reference to Hardy's "Far from a Madding Crowd"

  31. again i know this is an old poem...but after the last post, this reads like a 71 going on 17 :)

    Girls on trees can be dangerous....when they "fall" it could mean a thing or six...take care of the old lady home (i have read that one too :)

    jokes aside, nice poem Tim :)


  32. ...a man's dreams...oh what a wonderful girl she must be then...and i so hope you will find her, growing in a tree and falling like a red, ripe fruit right into your lap one day - and she will look into your eyes, knowing immediately you were the poet she was looking for all her life...smiles...nice write timoteo, i enjoyed it a lot ;=)

  33. "and she will be beautiful, but won't know it," Such an attractive quality. After reading the beginning I had Steely Dan's "Hey 19" in my head. Can relate to your poem. Excellent writing!

  34. and what a blessing you will both be to one another...she's out there looking for you too!

    Happy New Year!

  35. I'm borrowing my daughter's computer, somehow her icon (primrose) showed up...but really, it's me LauraX at writing to you above:)

    I'll need a tough umbrella if it's raining men!

    As always, thanks for your support!

    If I had thought of that line, I would have included it in the poem...clever stuff, my man!

    What is this "71" stuff? I ain't that old!!! Hope you have a great new will you celebrate New Years Eve?

    My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who commented on this piece...whoops...maybe I shouldn't use the word "piece" in relation to THIS poem!

  37. Tim..ah Tim, this hell of a lucky girl would certainly come very soon! and you WILL know how beautiful she is..:)
    can never get enough of reading you Poet..:)
    May 2011 be YOUR year ha! ;)

  38. You always make me laugh out loud at some point. It was the penny that did it this time.

    I hope you find this magical creature. She sounds like the perfect girl.

  39. This is hilarious-- and we got ourselves a Brother! zxxxxx well-done, and very freeing! xxxj

  40. ha...just be sure to wash the penny before you slip it into your pocket and hope you find that girl...smiles.

  41. May your wish come true this new year! Love this!

  42. My God..i somehow had this idea you were over 70...normally men gain some idea about love after 70! ha, that's my idea...there could be exceptions :)

    i am sorry....whatsoever be your age..this sounded going on 17...with a tinge of wisdom, and i chose 71 as its the reverse... :)

    New Year Eve -- as always with some friends and families, and a ghazal group...that's the usual and sets the mood :)

    Wish you too a happy and inspired 2011, Tim :)


  43. I related to this poem... then, and now, again!

    __Great search-thought Tim; too, of course I wish you... anappynuyeer!!!

  44. DEVIKA,
    I'm truly closer to 17 in my mind :)
    It's cold and wintry here right now-- not fair!
    Hope it's warmer where you are...HOPPY GNU YEER!

    I will raise a glass to toast you...and then tip over in a stupor!

  45. "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” Mark Twain

    Its cold here...less cold than the last two days....But i love cold,cold weather...Thank for the 17-like wishes, Tim...Hope weather changes for you soon :)


  46. The girl of your dreams sounds amazing! I'm sure you will find her :)

    Have a wonderful/very happy New Year celebration!!! Wishing you the best for 2011 and all the rest...

    loveNlight from Rio de la Plata ;)

  47. Well yes, once upon a time in all our girl lives, we did spend copious time in trees dressing up horny toads and hangin' from limbs reading Little Women upside down unaware that our tummy was bare or our shirt up to our neck. Clearly sir, that was the time to have found us. Decades pass and we aren't in the trees that often. Still we can be found near the trees in parks and forests where we found early nurturing. Look for older girls there. More bark-like, we'll still wave in the breeze. Fabulous write. I loved every single solitary word!

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  49. Desert Rose, (I like your prophecy--hope you are psychic)PattiKen,(Here's a penny for your thoughts--don't worry, it's not THAT one)Jen, Brian, Carrie, Gabriella, (loveNlight to you!)Beachanny (Loved your comment--yes, I'll look for one with shirt up to the neck!) Jingle, (Thanks for the invite--would like to make your Thursday poets rally, but time restrictions may prevent me this week). You're fabulous my dahlings!

  50. Smile-/laughter-generating piece. Fun flow, word choices & images. :)

  51. Wonderful! I hope you find the girl in the tree ... You'll have to write another then to let us know how it all turned out.

    Very fun poem. Delightful. Enjoyed much.

    Late here for Poetry Potluck. Sorry about that.

    Best wishes for 2011.

    Poem on ...


  52. "And she will be hip and sassy
    but not too classy
    and her eyes will be a trap door you fall into
    coming face to face with the Mad Hatter."
    LOVE this...