Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have:
Amelia--just out--with Hillary Swank and Richard Gere..Sweeping  biopic/romance that chronicles aviator Amelia Earhart's fabled accomplishments in the air as well as her troubled personal relationships.

Capitalism: A Love Story. Say what you will about film maker Michael Moore...he knows how to stir things up and get you thinking. Here he takes on nothing less than our sacred cow--capitalism--and why it's not good for adults, children, or pets.

Zombieland--Could be the most pleasant surprise of the year, even though there's nothing pleasant about snarling, drooling zombies (just ask anyone who's had to deal with the DMV). Woody Harrelson heads up a talented cast working with a script that is pure genius--with a jaw-dropping surprise that no reviewer is going to reveal...ya gotta see it!

My Life In Ruins-- For anyone who enjoys a good light-hearted romantic comedy. Nia Vsrdalos (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) is a personality challenged tour guide herding quirky tourists around Greece and trying not to fall in love...

Click the link in the title of this post above to see the full reviews of these and dozens of other recent movies  on Timoteo's film review blog: Timmy's Noodle. It's all here--the good, the bad, and the happy viewing!  


  1. _I'd be the first to say to anyone... "Ya like the flicks... enjoy them!" I'm just not a 'movie goer.'
    _Amelia, though, might entice me... I've had a long interest in the mystery around her flight.
    _I liked 'Bad Day at Black Rock,' and 'No Way Out,' and 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.' The last movie we saw was 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.' That, my most recent contribution to the capitalism used but derided by some film makers.
    _Interesting thought, mayhaps K and I will visit
    a theater soon... can't hoit!

  2. Hmm ... I don't really go out to see movies. I usually don't watch them until they're out on dvd. The last flick I watched in a theater may have been Coraline. I watched Heat, Red Siren and Freejack on dvd last week, though!

  3. The closest I come to watching movies is reading reviews, and then when the dvd comes out and it's usually a kid's movie! Though we did go to the theatre to see UP a couple of weeks ago, and I will be first in line when it comes out on the 11th to buy it. One of the cutest kid/adult movies I've ever seen!

  4. Not a big fan of movies, Tim -- But i do watch one or two == mostly Indian in the near past....

    I wish to see Capitalism - A love story-- Moore is much talked about here too,


  5. not a movie goer or watcher for that matter...I like TV series, intelligent where I can find them or just plain entertainment, I have my favourites, and I list them for your enjoyment or disdain:

    Grey's Anatomy
    Spin Off: Private Practive
    The Mentalist
    Fringe was a huge surprise to me, I loved it...didn't think I would.

  6. MAGYAR,
    I was going to say, if you hadn't seen a movie since Bad Day at Black Rock--you must have a popcorn deficiency! But you saved yourself with My Big Fat Greek Wedding! LOL

    I'm going to read up on Heat, Red Siren, and Freejack to see if they're anything I might want to watch. Then I'll give you my opinion!

    I don't go for the G rated films much, but did love March Of The Penguins...UP is one I may check out, though, on your recommendation.

    I love that whole Bollywood thing...any Indian films you would recommend?

    On TV I pretty much like Boston Legal, PBS, shows like 20/20 and Dateline, and Spanish language channels because a lot of the shows are really crazy--and of course, THE BACHELOR!

  7. Hi Tim :) Thanks for the tips! I could use a good movie these days!
    Hugs to You, Tim :)))

  8. KELLY,
    Wow...somebody who likes movies! LOL

  9. Taare Zamin Par in the recent times ---That sure will be an all time favourite of mine

    I am not a Bollywood fan, though (ofcourse an occassional romance or comdey is fine)....I am more for Malayalam, Bengal, Assamese movies....the art movies until the 80s or early 90s...I do not know if you get these regional movies with English subtitles there...if so the list is long :)


  10. DEVIKA,
    I found out that the English version of Taare Zameen Par is called "Like Stars On Earth," but Netflix doesn't have it right now--if and when they do, I'll know about it!

  11. Swaziland...I get around....LOL
    And I LOVE movies. I need to see more of them! :)
    Hugs :)

  12. Yes Tim, it means "Stars on Earth" -- its about a dyslexic child..a very versatile child as an artist, but weak in studies...Aamir Khan is the director/protagonist...and little child actor Darsheel -

    This small child said that he will not accept the National Award for child actor and should be considered for an award at par with the lead/main actors :)


  13. KELLY,
    You are sly...and always slipping around!

    We have a saying here that may apply to the child actor: He's gotten too big for his britches! LOL