Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sitting behind your Lexus from Texas,
I'm sayin' buddy, you got clipped--
laying out a small fortune
for a ride so nondescript!

Now, I'm not saying your car's overrated--
it's just that the look is so understated.
Everyone says it's one of the best,
it just kind of blends in with all the rest.

And I'm sure it's well made...
relatively speaking.
Hey, is that your gas tank that's leaking?

Ah, for the days of the '57 Chevy.
It had style, and it was HEAVY.
But these cookie-cutter cars,
they don't change one iota--
and your Lexus from Texas
looks just like a Toyota!


  1. Yeah, but these days Chevys look like my senile great aunt's big, clunky Cadillac. Ick.

    Now the Italians, they know how to design something that looks SEXY, but the Germans engineer reliable, responsive driving machines. I'll take that cute little death machine with two seats, the top that comes off, and the name that ends in -ster, please.

  2. ... or an old GarWood runabout.

  3. lol too good, well i drive a Toyota, bu then again I was born in '59

  4. KOBICO,
    You and your Boxster--harrumph! Someday I'm going to get big bucks for my YUGO when I sell it to a classic car enthusiast!

    '59 was a good year. I had a '59 Chevy once, they had what has still got to be the most distinctive looking rear ends ever made...except maybe for Jennifer Lopez!

  5. Alas, I only wish I had a Boxster.

    By the way, my dad had a '59 Impala. He gave it to one of his cousins, who was still driving it around in the 1990s. I think she finally got an offer on it she couldn't refuse.

  6. Yugos might actually be such a rarity that they will fetch a good price!

  7. KOBICO,
    That's encouraging about the has a bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Pinto."

  8. ...and the photo (beans?) fits so well in this cookie cutter theme!
    _My first car... an Austin A40 Summerset, Drop Head Coupe. Its name... longer than it ran.

  9. Ha! I was laughing my belly off at this Timoteo. Brilliant start to my day!

  10. MAGYAR,
    Actually, the photo is cookies--small ones, but they're all alike. I'm impressed by the name of that car, and I'll bet no one would mistake it for a Toyota!

    Cool--and great to hear from you!