Monday, September 28, 2009


  1. Huh? Where did the other one go? Is this some kind of voodoo thing? Are you trying to confuse me because I said you were old?

  2. Ahhh, the poet in repose? What is he thinking about?

    You are revealing yourself to us today. I like it :D

    Have a Wonderful Night, Poet :D

  3. Am I going to come home tonight and you will have another one up??????? LOL

    I am teasing's fun :D

    Night :D

  4. Hot damn! Look at you, you handsome thing.

  5. and there you are da rugged as your words...I like it!
    I was going to say HOt damn! Look at you, you handsome thing, but Gypsy preceded me, again, plus she's looks naked, better she says it than me...

  6. I promise I was wearing clothes when I said it Lorraine :)

  7. Is that you Tim....You look a bit too serious :)

    But I saw another like almost drunk and asleep last day when I was here...was reading the earlier posts as well...But couldn't post my comment due to some technical issues with ISP...anyway...I've told you I enjoy reading...and topics of interest seem to coincide...But then I can't find anything that I'm not interested in! :)


  8. you are messing with my head!! Another good picture:)

  9. LINDA,
    Just like any ego freak, I'm into posting the most flattering picture I can find, so you just helped me decide that I liked this one better...Anyway, you've redeemed yourself by following me! :) LOL

    I think this is it for the personal pictures for now, though I may post the one of me as Santa when we get into the holidays.

    You are a love...but really, you don't have to DRESS UP (as in wearing clothes) for me!

    How very very sweet of you (and the same thing goes for you as above ;)

    So nice to have you back--what was your vacation like? I wasn't really drunk in that other photo--nor asleep. I was THINKING: How is this photo going to turn out?

    Thanks for that...I stopped messing with MY head and decided it was more fun to mess with OTHER people's heads. :)

  10. Oh thinking! but it almost mean a combination of drinking and sleeping to me...I reach nowhere except for that trance state! :)

    to say of the photo more -- I had a different image....something of a chubby face thats typical of humourous and brainy people.....but this is pure intelligentia, so say the least :)

    and my vacation-- was just fine...out with nature and in with family...bits of it should come up in the coming posts. I just needed a full break from work and Delhi

    and, I LOVE your response to Cindy :)


  11. DEVIKA,
    I just checked out some of your latest poetry--amazing--I especially liked "On A Nonsensical Note,"it is exquisite, to say the least.