Thursday, September 24, 2009

ANALOGY (recycled poetry)

Knowing that most blog readers don't normally delve deep into the archives, it's time to occasionally recycle a post from the early days of Catnip--when nobody was reading my blog but me. (I'd manufacture comments to leave for myself, then answer my own comments. Trouble was, they all had the heading of "Timoteo" on them, which made me look like a split personality.) This poem is earth friendly, because it's made out of one hundred percent RECYCLED WORDS. And remember, if you haven't seen it...IT'S NEW TO YOU!

And the cry went up:
The illegals are overburdening
our social services,
contributing to crime, pollution,
and the tequila shortage!

Meanwhile, the killer bees
came up from Mexico...
they didn't stop to clear customs,
and they don't have green cards--
but they've assimilated into our society
and the world hasn't ended.

Sure, once in a while
they get really pissed-off
and kill somebody--
on a given day,
might do the same.

Generally, though, if you leave them alone,
they're just like everyone else--
content to be with their honey...and pollinate.


  1. You always make me giggle Tim. I loved the poem and the opening paragraph but I have to correct you about something which is quite ironic. I actually read all your archives a couple of days ago :)

  2. Nice, recycling is a great idea! I'd probably do that too.

    I love the last lines, haha. Yep, yep...

  3. That was good Tim, I need to go back and read your archives. You always make me laugh and think. I guess all of us had those first posts that no one read but ourselves.

  4. Smart. This border stuff is inside, men put barriers, bibittes kind of put everything in perspective....I was really looking forward to your know you could have simply changed the post-date on it and your comments would have shown, which would have been groovy ;)

  5. GYPSY, get a gold star for that!

    Ain't it true? We're all a lot more alike than we may want to believe.

    Thanks, but don't read EVERYTHING, or I won't be able to recycle! LOL

    Those comments were just in my head, but it's a bit I MIGHT actually do someday! :)


  6. Hi Tim :D
    I like your comparison in is lovely. I think most species really just want to be left alone, be happy with their honey and pollinate!

    Here's to sitting in the honey and pollinating...LOL

    Enjoy your Weekend, Tim, and thank you for your nice compliment on my blog :D

  7. that's a really smart analogy actually

  8. __When my grandmother came to the United States from Hungary, she was but three years old; later she too, had to achieve proper "Citizen Status," and she was happy... so to do. She contributed.
    __Are we saying that in this day and age, her sort of 'Self Dedication,' are no longer recognized? _m

  9. For some reason, I thought africanized bees didn't do the pollination thing, but maybe it's the honey thing they don't do.

    You do bring up quite a bit of food for thought here with regard to the policies in place and their outcomes. How is it worth the risk of walking unassisted across the desert and possibly being sent back to where you started to come to a place where you will gladly crowd into a single family home with 20 other people so you can send a few bucks back home? And how is it worth the risk of being fined or losing your business license for subverting labor laws to hire someone under the table so you can save 60% on labor costs? Why would there be the motivation to change policy to legitimize this process on the part of those who employ workers under the table? I know, I ask a lot of questions. Probably too many.

    By the way, thanks for the visit and the comment.

  10. KOBICO,
    Your thoughtful comments are always appreciated--I'll have to check on that honey thing and get back to you :

  11. Thanks for checking on the honey thing!

    Do you give your namesake Hotel a thumbs up or down?

  12. KOBICO,
    It was a thumbs up for the most part--the desk clerk spoke just enough English--but next time I go I'll have to learn to say something more than "Pardon my French."

  13. I think the shortage of tequila is a good enough reason to warrant putting up that enormous wall on the border. Heaven forbid. LOL.

  14. MAGYAR,
    All borders are in our minds. You can't see them from the orbiting space station. Likewise, on a metaphysical level, the idea that any of us on this little ball of earth floating in space are fundamentally different from one another is in our minds as well. Just some food for thought :)

    Now that you put it that way--you may be right!

  15. «I'll have to learn to say something more than "Pardon my French."»

    Je peux faire des commentaires en fran├žais, s'il t'aide.

  16. KOBICO,
    Does that mean anything like : "Mamacita, donde esta Santa Claus?"