Monday, August 31, 2009


  1. Dragonflies are amazing creatures. Their wings appear lacy but are incredibly strong. They probably wonder why we have arms instead of wings!

  2. I love dragonflies...especially blue ones :D
    The desert sky looks beautiful in the background too!
    Have a Beautiful Day, Tim :D

  3. SELMA,
    Fascinating to be sure. I'd never seen one on top of a tree before--they're usually skimming the water, so thought I'd better get a shot of him.

    It was a lovely day...wishing you one as well.

  4. Dragonflies are such graceful delicate creatures but strong too as Selma said. Like the perfect woman really ;)

    Do you believe the sky looks bigger in the desert? People always look at me as if I've lost the plot when I say that but I swear it's true. Lovely photo..thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi! thanks for the 'caring' comment in my blog, haha, cracked me up! I wonder how you took this pix? amazing shot!

  6. Amazing image...I hope they think kindly about us :)

  7. GYPSY,
    Truly love your analogy about dragonflies and women--it is perfect! And yes, the sky IS bigger when there are no buildings or other extraneous structures to impose upon it.

    Yes, sometimes you're just walking along and something like that presents itself and all you have to do is get the picture while there's still time. Hey, look at what I just said, GET THE PICTURE WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME...if I write a book of philosophy, that will be the title!

    Your images have inspired me, and I think some of it is rubbing off :)

  8. Wonderful Tim, I would love to have a dragonfly tattoo on my foot:)

  9. There is a certain 'stick-ish' emptiness here... and in my contrary view... adds fullness. _m

  10. CINDY,
    How many tattoos you got now?

    Less is more...I like the way you think.

  11. Tim, I do not have any. But I want one on my foot. Butterfly or Dragonfly. This is my husbands reaction to that. " I will get you down and scrape it off if you get a tattoo" So it just not worth it.

  12. CINDY,
    Surprise him with one of those press-on tattoos--they used to come with bubble gum (whoops, that was a long time ago). When he freaks out, reveal the joke just before he gets you in the headlock. LOL

  13. I think I haven't seen anything more beautiful in a very long time. Amazing photo!