Monday, June 17, 2019


I know you thought
that last one was weird
and I could see you
sitting there saying:
Geez, I hope he doesn't 
make this a habit
cuz he was obviously
high when he wrote it!

(I just had to laugh)

When all your angels

have retired and given
up the ghost and you're
out there on your own
existential limb
teetering in the wind
you'll simply tell it as it is
with increasing alacrity

all good people deplore

problems at a distance

appalled by what the

unenlightened inflict
upon each other
(but at a distance)

the power disparity

inherent in all relationships
whether they be between
individuals or groups of
individuals sows the
seeds of abuse

and here's the thing

about Armageddon......

there won't be any time to

look back and ask
what went wrong
when your ass is
high-tailing it for the hills

(jump cut)

If I had my druthers

I'd be walking down
a cobblestone street in Cannes
a few paces behind Brigitte Bardot
whose butt is wiggling like
a sack of Yukon Gold potatoes
in her bright white short shorts
and yes I will take that year
whatever it is to inhabit
like a hermit crab
for all time

The person caught in any

moment in time is
frozen in that moment
because that is his moment
then a much older person
who is caught in his moment
and will forever be comes
along and has the audacity
to claim that he is the same
person as that whippersnapper
from long ago...

identity theft on a global scale

and God said to the monk of 57 years:

You know you could have done
whatever the hell you wanted--
I'm not a prude!

but whatever it is

make it good 
'cause time steals away
like a whore 
from your bedside
at 5 a.m.
and the world 
is made of yesterdays


  1. Deep thoughts by Timoteo … I already knew about all that since I was 3 years old … Welcome to the club of ever changing change, friend. Love, cat.

    1. The ever changing unchangeable...the wholly imagined unimaginable...thanks for checking in early. We've some time to kill before your flight, so...

  2. You've got to carpe the heck out of the diem!

  3. Good one, Tim!
    I especially enjoyed the wordplay in the second stanza.

    1. You picked up on one of the more subtle aspects of the poem, KERRY, but them I can always count on you to do that!

  4. Indeed, one ought to seize the day my friend!❤️ Powerful write.

    1. Thank you Sanaa..."Live it fully live it, just live for life"---lyrics from one of my favorite songs entitled "Live For Life"--ironically enough.

  5. I love the way this poem begins....and ends! Love "the world is made of yesterdays" because yes, it is. Loved the idea of you walking behind Brigitte Bardot in her white short full of yukon gold potatoes. Awesome, Tim!

    1. Ha ha, Sherry...I love that idea too, the more I think about it!

  6. Wisdom!! I have my yesterdays, but I'm also spinning days into memories right now. Love your ending!

    1. In the end, memories are what we are left with...and an urgent need to pee :)

  7. I love your poem~ The path you took us on, the potatoes, and then the peelings you left as you revealed the essence-Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much, Ella! Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. If Brigitte Bardot reads this poem your chances of seducing her are nil:)Hilarious.

    1. Ha ha...thanks! Considering that she's 85 now...maybe I'd just take her on a date to the museum, and leave her there! Ow, that wasn't nice was it?? But she was THE sex symbol back in the day. I also chose her because I admire her personally, and the work she does for the animals.

  9. Angels retire? Say it isn't so ;) You take us on quite a journey here - and I had to google Brigette Bardot ... and I can see why she left an impression :)

    1. Left an impression on the impressionable youth that was me...and still is back there in some moment in time :)

  10. A profound meditation that at its heart says, "Today is a good day to die!" Nicely done!

    1. A Native American perspective for sure. Thanks for checking in!