Tuesday, January 29, 2019


This ship is sinking fast
women and Chaldeans
into the lifeboats!

Lucky for me 

the Evil Jungle Princess
is along for the ride
oozing poetry
from every pore
mischievously cryptic
grin inducing
a morbid fixation
(like Jackson Browne)
with lawyers in love
the wayward 
esoteric word
dropping out of the blue
and landing where you'd least expect 
like a North Korean missile 
gone wonky into the sea  
Look it up, peasants!
I can hear her say

Turning pit bosses

from pit bulls
into puppy dogs
the Princess floats 
through the crowd

Roulette as a spectator sport

is infinitely more economical
the house advantage 
reduced to zilch 
the grizzled veterans 
laying it on the line
grimace and groan
as The Princess calls out
psychically selected numbers
from the sidelines 
too early in the game for money
where your mouth is but not for
wild thing...I think you MOVE me!

And yes he's likely crazy
we agreed
but it makes for some intriguing times
as everything he throws up
as a distraction
merely results in another
call to action 
though I've tried to stay
above the fray
in my detached and graceful way
for if Nietzche is right
and we live the exact same life
over and over
then I'm for grinnin'
and singin'
let that wheel spin round
just one more time!


  1. Yes, let that wheel spin one more time, but prepare for even more extreme climate events. I enjoyed this, Tim.

  2. I am afraid the wheel of life is spinning me at the moment lol but no worries I'll bounce back! Happy Tuesday, Timoteo ❤️

  3. This is like an action hero poem, so many special effects!

  4. U ever noticed how many/ lil life boats are available on this cruise ship called earth, friend Tim?

    1. If there were any, most of the rats would be deserting!

  5. Let it spin and spin again... or maybe i prefer not coming back to a place like this... :-)

    1. I have mixed emotions about that myself. Unless it was like Groundhog Day and we get to go back and fix things. So many many things to fix.

  6. I like the stream of consciousness mix of the personal and the political.The North Korean missile hit gone wonky into the sea was inspired LOL..I have put my own spin on this so it's poessible I wasn't supposed to interpret the poem as dark humour but I did anyway and enjoyed it immensely.

    1. Thanks for checking in! Your instincts are spot on as usual as you always seem to get me. We live in dark times, but the Evil Jungle Princess is gonna stick it to them, as the illustration suggests. Time to take up our spears!

  7. I recognize the music in this.. There are so many things that "missile" the mind any given day. Life should be laughed in many shades.