Tuesday, October 9, 2018


if you're numb
if you're just numb
you can block out
the shame and regret
of all you've done
otherwise there ain't no way
you make it through 
to fight another day
you want to have clear
vision not clouded by
tears and your nose
not running with snot
you're running with the bulls
you're running with the devil
you're running from the stench
of the past 
and that's a marathon
you'll finish by god
bloodied but unbowed
pick up your participation medal
on the way home


  1. Oh yes, bloodied but unbowed, for sure. Smiles. Glad to read words from a fellow marathon runner. Getting tired. LOL.

    1. We're staggering toward the finish, Sherry. Hold me up and I'll hold you up!

  2. Medal winner, this one. My hat's off. Salute.

  3. Keep running … and then just keep walking … and then just keep breathing … and then keep running … circle of life … Love, cat.

  4. Sometimes I wish I could achieve numbness for this reason!

  5. But that's not you, now is it...well, I alternate between the numb and feeling too deeply, and poems come from the latter....and having gotten one down it's back to the numb again , which works fine for the everyday cesspool of life--lol. So good to hear from you!