Tuesday, September 12, 2017


in da summer
and you think it's all been
in some form
or fashion
don't you?

while one faction (the "Evil Ones")
grows more intelligent
to the point where they can
manufacture a monster storm
and pinpoint it to destroy countless lives
as a form of population control
(or so you say)
and another side grows stupider
rarin' to drag us back to the middle ages
when the earth was flat
(but you still loved your cat)

you know what
I'll take all of your theories
with a jumbo shaker of salt...
still more inclined to believe that
holds dominion over a

chest thumping
war mongering
glorified ape

who'd like to think
he's that smart
and that powerful
but can't explain
(as he gazes
somewhat distractedly
out the corner of his eye)
why his world
is turning inexorably
to shit


  1. I strongly hope our world can be rid of evil doers. Powerfully penned.

  2. ... obvious, o so obvious, friend tim ... just like Dolly's "girls" ... Love, cat.

  3. We need to take cover if we believe it's an engineered purpose... maybe engineering some covers is a better idea.

  4. His world cant go to shit fast enough for me. Well said, Tim./

  5. Love this:
    "you know what
    I'll take all of your theories
    with a jumbo shaker of salt."

  6. Glad to see Irma go! ... and I hope this world isn't turning to shit - I'm impressed with how many have risen above and beyond 'chest pounding' and have leant helping hands!

    1. Not all among our species are chest thumpers...but power brings our primitive instincts to the fore.

  7. As an outsider I felt the heartache and anger that somehow your nation has made a serious error and even the climate is remininding you of that.

    1. It's funny that you can see that as plain as day from afar, yet so many here who are closer to the situation seem oblivious to it.

  8. This was a really big storm, folks, the biggest, believe me. No other...excuse other president in history has ever had a storm as great as this one. Trust me, it's terrific. My wife's gonna put on her Manolo Blahniks and I'm gonna wear a hat which you's a great hat, the best....which is for sale on my web site. And we're gonna fix all this immediately. Cofveve, comrades.

  9. A sense of frustration in this one.Things are not going well in your neck of the words and I don't suppose it makes it easier when your emperor is not wearing any clothes:)

    1. oops ...i meant your neck of the woods....your words are fine:)

    2. Hey, you don't have to look at that disgusting unclothed sight! Yeah, it's about those who latch onto theories because those theories either resonate with their deep distrust of all mankind, or their deep distrust of science, the media, and everything except the ability of CGI wizards to fake everything from the moon landing to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, but an ancient guy with the ability to gather EVERY species of non-aquatic life on earth into a boat and party with them for forty days and forty nights sounds perfectly plausible :)