Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The pussy is the portal
into another world
(that was Kubrick's observation)
so come with me
my squiggly little brother
the journey is arduous
and fraught with peril
but would you rather languish here
and be just another jerkoff?

On the couch
feet propped up
head tilted back
The Outlaw Bible of Poetry
resting on my lap
Jazz zonked out
beside me
fan whirring away
in the corner
keeping us both "cool"

He likes to rest his head
on my yellow pad
sayin' screw your fleeting ideas
I got some serious sleepin' to do
so I begin jotting these words
on the back of an old envelope
that's the immediacy of poetry
and the sun hasn't even risen

Like the first time I went on Twitter
and it said "What are you doing"
and I thought the only purpose was
to literally say what you were doing
like "making breakfast" or
"farting into the wind"
but that got old fast

It doesn't pay to take things too much to heart
especially on a calender day set aside 
for eating chocolates and getting laid
because it's all done by rote
and next week you may have no idea
where the hell she is
other than 
as far as you know
some other world


  1. The immediacy of poetry... love the sense of that. Fan or no fan. Farting in the wind sounds better than most tweets I've read.

    1. I like the top of your head...that's when it's the most real and the most honest.

  2. Wow! okay.....

    "so I begin jotting these words
    on the back of an old envelope
    that's the immediacy of poetry"
    I identify with these words for sure!

    1. Yes, we must jot it down, wherever...that's why so much wonderful poetry is found on restroom walls!

  3. I do appreciate the underlying wisdom here.. indeed it would do us good not to take things to heart. Brilliant write!❤️

    1. Can't beat that for a rating. Thank you Sanaa!

  4. The phrase "it's all done by rote" makes me wonder what it would take to not do it by rote?

    1. One of the definitions of "rote" is without thought or other words, it's the thing to do on Valentine's Day...doesn't necessarily indicate much, in my "research" in the field!

  5. SMiLeS.. HEarts
    poetry a sweetest
    candy on any
    iT aLL
    out whaTever
    iT is that IS A
    spYinG eYes oF LiGht
    oR dArker SHades oF hAiry sTuFF..;)

  6. Hah! The immediacy... practically a play-by-play. Maybe an instant replay would help? Very wry, very you, Timo :)

    1. Thank you so much...please hand me a piece of that wry toast :)

  7. so I begin jotting these words
    on the back of an old envelope
    that's the immediacy of poetry
    and the sun hasn't even risen

    This says a whole lot to me about the poetic process. The whole poems speaks to this age in which we live.. everything is so fleeting and oftentimes mundane, even love, maybe, especially love.

  8. envelope poetry is the best...when you don't lose the envelope that is ;)

    1. I'm more likely to push the envelope when I write on an envelope

  9. For me reading your poems is like entering a movie world. I can hear your drawl ..and it is always summer even though I know it is winter in your part of the world.Your last stanza is very thought provoking and well expressed. You know, I think I think all this cyber communication could make a person very strange. Not that I am saying you are strange:)Enjoyed this poem.

    1. It would be an honor if you said I was strange :)

  10. Feb 14 is the day of looove, is it not? ... o cum on now, hmmm? According 2 your book biographies, U travelled far this a way and that a way ... az dj tj ... so there must b sum one thinkin of you this a way or that a way on this day, hmmm? PS: Your sarcasm reminds me a lot f that pf Erich Kaestner's poetry, which I loved 2 death over and over again ... glad 2 know that u r not dead yet ... smiles ... meouw ... Love, cat.

    1. I had to give up doing anything on Valentine's day because it was too much of dilemma to decide whether to have the chocolates before or after sex :)