Sunday, January 1, 2017


Wish I could decide
on some kind of compromise
between lying around on my dead butt
and leading the revolution

Should be a happy medium
that won't get me shot
and turn me into a martyr
yet still provide a modicum
of intrigue and excitement
(like leading a bus tour of celebrity homes in L.A.)

Though a martyr wouldn't be
such a bad thing to be
with my picture on a T-shirt
(just have to grow my beard out bushy)

And I gotta admit the romantic vision
of taking to the hills with our rifles
and our long-haired women--
little papooses strapped to their backs--
has been a long held fantasy

Back in the day I had more stomach for it--
raising a fist in solidarity
with the Panthers up on that podium.
Even had a secret crush on Patty
(or was it Tania?)

Yeah, could use a little excitement
but what's an old hippie
who's gone soft
and out of practice to do?
Must be someone
more qualified than me
and don't wanna hang you up
so maybe I'll just take a rain check on the revolution
(We had such wide-eyed conviction 
that a new day was comin')

This time it will certainly be televised
and I'll be right there
beer in hand
rooting y'all on
between the commercial breaks
(we really BELIEVED...ya know)
so shoot me
an email
if there's anything else I can do.


  1. Oh I hear you. After all the struggling, over decades, the thought of the struggles ahead are wearing. Politics is one step forward, five decades back, it seems and I am way too tired. Sigh. Loved this one, Tim.

    1. Five or six decades back--you hit that one on the head, Sherry!

  2. So when having your revolution, offer free beer. (free coffee and donuts will also work)

  3. Thanks for the advice, Martin! Any incentive to get people into the streets.

  4. Revolution--- I think it's already happening... but it's on youtube or maybe even a tv series produced by Netflix.

    1. And as in the poem, we're watching it on our screens with a beer in our hands :)

  5. Good to recap while you age, the struggles and the solutions still to be trashed out

    Happy New Year Timoteo

    much love...

    1. Thanks, Gillena. The struggle is becoming increasingly clear. The solution is still murky.

  6. This generation seems to be waging war via twitter tirades. Can the old guard really be blamed for their complacency? They at least turned up to the rally and took a stand. There cannot be a revolution when everything revolves around self.

    As always your wry ironies give me something worth thinking about.

    1. Right, Kerry--it revolves around self and SELFIES! What says more about the the self-absorption of a generation that the selfie? lol

  7. I found this to be both poignant and hilarious. The last three lines killed me. I'm a sucker for twisted, dry wit.

    1. Thanks so much...this is the place to be if you want twisted and dry! (Or perhaps dry with a twist)

  8. Well, if you are going to lead, I'll be right with ya.

  9. I can only imagine the weariness of the people who lived through the tumultuous struggles of decades past and have the scars on their hearts to show for it. It's as I said in my poem - do what you realistically can do. And if all that is a share on Facebook here and there or a note of encouragement to the ones taking over the marching, it's all good.

  10. __ Old, strange thoughts come to mind: the Ministry of Truth; the Ministry of Peace; Doublespeak; Telescreen... and more? Now, let's compare: media; terror wars; hypocrisy; control by cell phone/video.
    __ Oh, I must be thinking badly, perhaps its a Thought Crime_?

    1. The Thought Police are working on ways to bust you right now...try to think about baseball :)

  11. Revolution is so have to be fit young reckless and idealistic. You cannot nap through a police riot.The Che Guevara beret and peace badges will not save you:)

    1. DAMN...and I just ordered my beret from eBay !

  12. Oh, that opening is just about the way I feel. What is an old, gone soft, disillusioned hippie to do? I like your ironic humor.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Let's start an Old Hippies social club...we can sit around and TALK about revolution while getting a buzz on and watch serious conversation turn into rolling on the floor with laughter!

  13. I love this. Very much how I feel. It's exhausting just thinking about things. Maybe I'll grab a beer too.

  14. never too old to fight, Tim.

    would be mighty lonely on the blogs if all your poet friends disappeared... ~