Thursday, May 5, 2016


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Somebody asked today
what I do with my time.
I said I pay bills.

That's takes up a good chunk of it.

Oh, and lots of walking

(mainly to take out the garbage).

Other than that it's

readin' and writin'
but very little arithmetic,
cuz I put 2 + 2 together
a long time ago and observed
that nothing comes out
exactly the way you're expecting.

Used to spend a lot of my time

tryin'to figure out why that was
but people would say: Why you standin'there scratchin'yo head all the time?
And I'd say oh, lice--and that left me with
a lot of free time to myself--
but still couldn't put my finger on it
other than each of us is just a half
lookin' for the other half,
instinctively knowing we were whole
before the Great Forgetting--
but once broken it's hard
to get those Humpty Dumpty
shards perfectly aligned again.

Best I can advise is

that at some point I will betray you.
Or you will betray me.
And we will either live with it
or we won't. Those who do
put on a brave face,
refusing to be broken.

Some of them even run for president.


  1. I refuse to be broken. you know dat ...Love, cat.

  2. Love this, Tim. Wise and from the heart, too. Let's not be broken!

    1. Thanks so much...we will not be broken...we will be the super glue that holds that holds the universe together..singing along with Elvis' "Stuck On You."

  3. Sigh. Oh, yes, I know exactly what you are saying.

  4. Two plus two equals tahw ?
    __I've heard "Corrective Rhetoric" and "Political Speechifying", and in my sallow mind, I sometimes believe tahw they say. As a for
    instance, if a runner says >it's Monday< I'll check all the information at my ready... and WOW, sometimes it's Monday. Well, at least once a week_!
    __The, "Great Forgetting." Smiles_! _m

  5. Taiwanese American Heritage Week? I thought you were French!

  6. The voice of experience speaking so eloquently! Nice job.
    Steve K.

  7. Your poem made me laugh out loud -- but also stop a moment and sigh with the truth of it. Words well played. :-) Thanks for sharing.

    1. So nice to hear...and thanks for visiting, Stacie!

  8. No one has ever figured out how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Once broken, start again working through the egg cartons:)

  9. Wisely stated! (I've always wondered why, when I try to leave a comment on your blog, I get a "delivery failed" message--something about the server wouldn't accept it. Why do you think that is?)

    1. I don't know. I got your last comment so what you are doing just keep doing it..The gremlins, maybe ?

    2. Oh, that's good to know. Yeah, I'll keep doin it!

  10. Very witty and quite thought provoking. I too laughed out loud at few spots.