Monday, January 18, 2016


If ever I go berserk, I won't go running amuck
through the streets...I'll just go out and spend
every last dime I have on books.

Today I've taken to rubbing the covers (front and back)
of my favorite volumes all across my skin--all over my body.
(And yes, YOUR tome as well--you know who you are!)
The glossy finishes glide smoother than the matte.
 No matter. It is pure ecstasy.
 (The fact that you cannot do this with an e-book should not be lost on you.)

Never before have I derived so much pleasure from the written word.
Soon I'll open them to certain pages--my favorite passages--
and follow through in similar fashion.
(This is called absorbing the material.)
I know....I know...I did the same when I was twelve,
but those were magazines with pictures.
I've grown beyond that adolescent stage
into a pure "lover" of the written word.
An ageless, timeless, complete love!
I knew that I would find it someday,
and what a surprise to find it right there under my nose!

Make love to what you love.

Uh oh... I'm starting to feel that urge again...
that go out and score...about a dozen more.
There's a used book sale the public library
is putting on down the street. A buck for a book!
(Sometimes fifty cents.)
Somebody stop me!
Read the first fifty pages--
if it doesn't grab you by then, move on.
(Good advice for any relationship.)

It is enough just to have them,
Stacked here, there and everywhere.
Don't worry, I'll find SOMEPLACE to put them!

Books up da butt.


  1. ... nice .. and simple ... and ... naked truth ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  2. Make love to what you love.

    Now that is good advice.

    1. Yes, even though it may feel a bit awkward :)

  3. Why would anyone try to stop you?!?

  4. well, i do declare that this is my favorite read of the day!
    haha...i love it. you sound like a happy, good-mood Bukowski.

    i don't blame you one bit, sounds like a good time to go splurge on books. i actually can't think of anything better than spending all my money on books.

    oh...and the fifty pages...yes, excellent advice for books and relationships as well!

    1. Fifty pages in, you know if the book is one you want to take to bed with you...same thing for relationships.

  5. I wish I had the time to go mad this way as I used to in my youth. Ah well, maybe when I retire!
    I loved reading this. :-)

    1. You can do it slowly...start your own book of the month club, but ya gotta buy them...just like pets or people, books need a home!(The library is just a temporary shelter :)

  6. Estate sales_!
    __Pre-owned, old books are my nemesis. The books are grand! But oh, what else I have found... the readers notes of how some lines were interpreted; old photograph negatives twixt the pages; thumb print stains; a dance card; one book had five Indian Head pennies, and in another I found two two dollar bills. All things... from the days when there were only a few shades of gray. _m