Friday, April 4, 2014


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

A birthday boy's tendency
is to replay everything
against the purples
and pistachios of spring

The little white lies
from another time

The past receding
like the ass-end of a train
from which you've just disembarked

Ancient phrases
inside another eternity
and of no import now
the greater truths ignored
for sake of our little tete a tetes

Today I ponder the world's disasters
the worst of which is adding another digit
to that chronological catastrophe
I fondly refer to as me

Everyone gets  a raw deal
and still the clouds roll by 

Coming all this way
drifting across the cosmos
with these inconvenient truths 
on these afternoons without angels
and still we stand
in anticipation of one extraordinary love

Having experienced the moon
in a myriad of exotic positions
I unmask poems
of barking cats
and rats
and elephants
and stand revealed 
to lonesome applause

Waiting for Santa Claus
I blaspheme and bubble
in the center of all infinity
as I bend to softly kiss you
and the world becomes 
my oyster
and you're my clam

Let's go to Amsterdam


  1. I have missed your poems, kiddo.....and this one speaks right to my addled brain that knows more than I wish I knew about that inconvenient truth.......I had to smile at the "chronological catastrophe" of you...hee hee. Happy Birthday, my friend.

  2. ha. hope you have fun in amsterdam...hey once you find your clam does anything else really matter...aprils got some pretty buds that are opening as well....

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Tim.

    I can't remember reading anything to sum up the awful addition of another year to one's score than this:

    Today I ponder the world's disasters
    the worst of which is adding another digit
    to that chronological catastrophe
    I fondly refer to as me...

    All the more meaningful to me as 50 looms ever closer.

  4. I keep returning to reread this exquisite piece of poetry. Each time it becomes more insightful, more enriching, and more divine. Truly a work of art, and a work of heart. Happy birthday and happy life dear Timoteo!

  5. SHERRY: Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I just turned 29.

    BRIAN: Once you find your clam, it's a grand slam!

    KERRY: Much appreciated. Don't let those ten year milestones throw you, You'll look back and say, "My, I was young then."

    SUBABU 2000:: I am humbled by your endearing comment. And my compliments on your good taste.

  6. Disembarked from the past, barking cats, Amsterdam, its all beginning to make sense lol!

  7. SUBABU: More sense to "some" than to others---lol

    CAT: Thank you so much, from the bottom of my feet!

  8. And "still the clouds roll by."

    __Though we cannot shrug off these many (so many) disasters, they needn't be mentioned we know them all, and we need to reach for the positives of life... as the clouds roll by.

  9. MAGYAR: The clouds roll by unconcerned...would that we all have that kind of tranquility.

  10. Many happy returns.
    BTW, I'll come with you: I speak the language and can order the food.

  11. April is a month of rediscovery to cushion mid year blues. It helps maintain sanity! Happy birthday Tim!


  12. If the extra digit is the worst of it, you are clammed indeed. Enjoy your birthday and your holiday.

  13. I just love all of this Timo--no one does the wry wisdom bit like you, and when you go into the richer veins of life's little torture chamber, you always unearth something that eases the pain, but never diminishes it. My favorite lines are everywhere, but especially from the sixth stanza on--the angle-less afternoons, and the positins of the moon, and of course the last lines. Good stuff.

    1. argh!---angel-less, not angle-less--you always got an angle, right? ;_)

  14. I love the the magic you see! The beginning made me smile and then the moon-wow!

    Yes, Happy Birthday~ I enjoyed your poem

  15. Having experienced the moon
    in a myriad of exotic positions....Just one line of many I love. Happy Birthday and keep writing!!

  16. Spring is for lovers, and the spring in this is saucy and jaded and exhilarating. Thanks for this little boombox in a bright field of poppies. Keep it coming.

  17. Happy birthday! Love your spring/birthday reflections.

  18. …sounds like your having a grand time where you are, but yes, Amsterdam sounds like a fine place to view the moon as well :)

  19. Interesting piece! I'd quite like to visit Amsterdam :D

  20. My apologies for being absent this week. I had no computer, but now I do. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

  21. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  22. HEY TIMMY! >>Where yooo is! I miss your posts! << _m