Friday, November 22, 2013


November 22nd
a grey and drizzly day in Tucson
befitting the mood of the land
as I watched the somber tributes
to the fallen leader on CNN
fifty years goes by in a heartbeat

And Jackie, on automatic pilot,
in shock--she flew in the rear
of Air Force One next to his casket--

And watching her in her pink coat that day
for some reason made me think of 
that nude poster of her 
I first saw back in the seventies
pasted to the ceiling of this bar 
called My Brother's Place
that no longer exists 

The original had turned up in
Andy Warhol's crap after he passed
and it was even signed by her
To Andy, with enduring affection
what's THAT about, man?
don't even want to know

Found a copy for sale on eBay 
at a beginning bid
of fifty bucks
(man her legs were long)
and I thought what a conversation piece
 to have on your wall
or would it be sacrilege
to remember the Queen of Camelot that way?

she was the ultimate opportunist
parlaying that First Lady gig
into a stint as trophy wife to 
a Greek Billionaire so butt-ugly
it almost made me cry
it was such a blatantly 
such a cynically 
materialistic move
as if to say look what I went through world
I deserve this
and don't you say nuthin'
her signal that innocence was now lost
and we should follow suit

watching that old news footage
I had to wipe away a little tear 
for her 
in her pink hat
for what she once was
for a time and a place that once was
(for what we all once were)
that exists now in a land called


  1. sadly now it is a bit of nevermore...the world is a much different place these days....and what a sad day of memory it was today huh? a little before my time but i know it...

  2. Yes, I feel exactly the same way - grief for the time that was lost, what we once were, lost, and even that little three year old who saluted his daddy's casket - lost. I also felt the same way about her marrying Onassis. Great write, Timo!

  3. This is such a bitter sweet tribute.

  4. I was twelve when this occured. I recall our teacher a nun telling us to beguiet while she gave us the news. I was traumatized by the news. I cried for this loss not because I knew the totality of his contribution to the U.S. and the world but because of the way his life was taken. Later, I had the privilage of shaking his brother's Robert ( Bobby) Kennedy's hand. 'My Brother's Place' in Green Bay, Wisconsin? I've been there went to college in Depere, Wis. St. Norbert's

    I agree with Kerry, bitter sweet tribute, in reference to Jackie's choices later in life.

    She deserved to move on. She was one of the brightest ladies I knew. a wonderful writer and a human with foibles just like us. Let us not judge for we didn't walk in her shoes.

    Good write

  5. BRIAN: The world is indeed a different place, and many believe that these events were the flash point.

    SHERRY: Thanks, kiddo!

    KERRY: Yep.

    MARCOANTONIO: Thoughtful comment. It was My Brother's Place in Tucson. .

  6. whoosh, Tim. i'm so glad to read this, somehow it humanizes everyone involved. plus, vintage you. have i said that before? if i have, i've said it only to you! heh.

  7. I wasn't around for these events. You've really taken this to a higher, more introspective piece. Love how you've woven your memories into the fabric of social history. Very nicely done.

  8. I used to resent that Onassis move, too--but as I age, I think it was protection--remember, she was the first papparazi victim, hounded and followed everywhere with no place to hide--so I don't judge--after all, once he was dead, what did it matter who she hung with? Though I have to say, Andy Warhol--WTF???

    You really get the feel of the times down here, Timo--lifting up a rather different layer than CNN, for sure, and all the better for it.

  9. MARIAN: Vintage me...thanks...what a coincidence cuz I'm just about to pop my cork!

    RAZZAMADAZZLE: Much appreciated.

    HEDGEWITCH: Yeah, didn't hear a thing about that nekkid poster on CNN!

  10. I wonder about that poster. I bet it was photo-shopped. What a poem, though! From sadness and nostalgia to such a loss that it's like BK (bc) and AK (ad) all over again.

  11. SUSAN: I spent an inordinate amount of time studying that photo, for the very same purpose of determining whether or not it may have been enhanced, of course, and...well, not sure...probably requires further study.

  12. You have turned the light of realism on the dream of Camelot. I often wondered about her marrying Onassis, but why was it any of my business? Fantastic write!

  13. Tim, you should study it further. Because science.

    1. he should probably share it with all of us, no?