Thursday, November 28, 2013


Why do da player always 
point his finger to da sky
when he make a touchdown
an' never when he make a fumble?

Cuz it all come from da same Source
it all come from Da Man
an' he give you da fumble
to keep you humble
an' make you a better person

So next time you fumble
point dat finger to da sky
an' don't ask why

An' all dem crazy people
on da sidelines
let 'em boo
cuz you got a special finger
reserved for dem too!


  1. haha...yes, let them all know they are number one....the good and bad all come from the same...we are just a bit more ashamed of one....

    happy thanksgiving

  2. SHERRY, BRIAN: Have a beautiful day!

  3. wisdom cloaked in humor, just perfect. happy thanksgiving Timo!! xo

  4. Dah troot nebba hert thoze-ones.

    I'm so "usst of" my failures, that when a rare "touch down" occurs, I'm completely amazed, and thankful for that blessing!

  5. MARIAN: Hope you had a super weekend!

    MAGYAR: Oh, you made lotta fumbles...dat mean Da Man, he really be thinkin' of you! (ha ha)

  6. Hey,, Know nothing of american football, but I'm sure that finger works anyway... cool and fun read..

  7. "Be thankful in all things" - yeah, right.

  8. MARGARET: Thanks so much. So far it's only my writing that's hysterical, and not me!

    BJORN: This finger cuts both ways!

    BUBBA: It's a perspective that most have not yet learned to appreciate.

  9. That would be the pointer, pinky or ring finger, right? Sorry, couldn't resist. However, after watching last weekend, I'm pretty sure Hail Mary's are reserved for the end zone. Fun poem!

  10. I do love this. It really is true that the good and the bad all come from the same source. I love your fun poem helping to explain that.

  11. Hahahahaha!! This was wonderful - a delightfully light touch on giving thanks, when it's a subject that often brings heavy ponderings. Thank you, so much, for giving me a chuckle.

  12. This is hilarious Tim! Ya, save da finger for dem there, da middle one better yet! Great shot!


  13. Your use of dialect adds a fun element to this serious point. Thank you, and bravo.

  14. COLLEEN: Here's pointing at you (with the nice finger!)

    M.J. Ain't it funny how we call it a Hail Mary? I wonder what Tim Tebow thinks of that.

    RAZAMADAZZLE: And it explains why "bad things happen to good people." (And why good things happen to bad people!)

    VIVCHOOK: And thanks so much for stopping by!

    KAYKUALA: I'm saving it for a special person...don't know who yet! ha ha

    VIVINFRANCE: Giving thanks right back...'tis the season.

  15. __The pompous displays of 'one'... would not have occurred, had they not been conceived.... through efforts of the other 'ten.' _m

  16. MAGYAR: You are so right. It's a team game. Wish it were a team world.