Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I see you struggling
to reconcile who you are
with that belief system
adhered to so rigidly
and handed down from your

And I know so many want
to have a sense of belonging
to something,
but it doesn't really accept
your kind,
and you've known it all along--
but still you try to fit your
square peg
into that round hole
(and they think that's dirty anyway).

here's something...


Give it a try sometime.

Simply involves learning to trust
your own instinctive and innate
sense of truth
(been doing it since my youth).

Yeah give it a try.

You'll be as giddy
as a kiddie
on a merry-go-round.
As happy as a pig
in slop.

And the great thing is
you won't need to run out and
your first born
when those Vincent Price voices
start playing
inside your head,
there are good treatment
options for schizophrenia
these days.


  1. i hear you man...three is a certain value in running with the pack as long as the pack doesn't run you...or dictate your thought process...vincent price...def dont want that voice in my head....

  2. BRIAN: Yeah, but old Vince, apparently, can be pretty persuasive.

  3. I love your view of the world, kiddo! your last stanza really made me smile!

  4. Kinda cool ... kinda cruel ... meow ...

  5. SHERRY: I love that you love it!

    CAT: Scratch my back would you...ahhhhh...nice claws.

  6. love this, Tim. why is that voice always Vincent Price's?

  7. MARIAN: I think because his voice modulates so well from the cloud he is sitting on.

  8. This (to me) is the best kind of writing - poetic yet hard core, thought-provoking yet conversational... and who doesn't like a bit of free advice now and then?

  9. KERRY: Thanks...sometimes it's like, I don't know why I need to tell anybody these things, but obviously, from observing folks out there, I do.

    VANDANA: As long as you had fun, I'll buy you another ticket!

  10. It's funny... do we ever loose the voice of our parents? We might be able to put it on mute every now and again and learn how to think for ourselves, as long as we learn to swat it away like a mosquito when it comes buzzing back... :) Very real voice here in this poem.

  11. Thinking for oneself seems to be an act many don't bother to perform. I have elements of my parents in my thinking, but I have always been a searcher. I could never be happy regurgitating another's thoughts.

  12. MARGARET: And quite amazing how many just follow the bouncing ball and accept and wear the parents' belief system like it were some hand-me-down sweater.

    SUSIE: Congratulations!

  13. typically ur spirit.

  14. I came to the conclusion that my parent's belief system was the one I preferred having spent time with those without a belief system and those from other belief systems.Unless I had experienced that I may not have been so comfortable with my decision.At least I do not have to hide my beliefs now for fear off being politically incorrect or unacceptably uncool! I am a Catholic.

  15. ABIN: Thanks, and have a great day.

    CRESSIDA: The choice never matters (to me). It's just gratifying to see someone, such as yourself, who has done her homework, and made that individual choice for herself.

    It's the mindless following in lockstep that the poem addresses.

  16. Good advice Tim, though easier said than done! Love your last lines about schizophrenia!

  17. OTHER MARY: I thank you. Vincent Price thanks you.

  18. Appreciated. First time here. Not the last.

  19. I may be way out there on my own in terms of belief systems--thoughty kind of write!

  20. LaTONYA: You shall forever be welcome...if you bring some snacks.

    LAURIE: Thanks, sistah!

    AUDREY: I'd like to know how far out that is, because I might be your neighbor!

  21. Laughin--but...but, the voices are the only ones who'll talk to me!! Thinking seems way too hard for way too many people these days.

  22. Resisting urge to squeal. I'm very appreciative of those treatment options, since I am a schizophrenic. ~Mary

  23. Ha..ha.. on the ending ~ I like the practical approach, think for yourself ~

    Have a good week ~ :-)

  24. a simplistic view to a complex human understanding... thank you.

  25. HEDGEWITCH: Hey...don't worry...I'll talk to ya. :)

    MARY: And I'm glad you have availed yourself of them .Too bad this condition wasn't understood back in the know when I mean...WAAAAY back in the day.

    GRACE: Those who do are sometimes referred to as "Do It Yourselfers."

    TRACY: Life is often simpler than most of us make it out to be.

  26. I knew that voice was familiar! Vincent Price, of course. Thank goodness for treatment options. Well written with both humor and truth to share.

  27. BETH: Who else but ol' Vince could have such a "commanding" presence?

  28. Love the "Vincent Price" voices! Nicely crafted.

  29. Timoteo, thinking for oneself is excellent advice. Quite a surprise ending there, I wasn't expecting that. I like the seriousness and the humour here.


  30. MARYAZILBERBERG: Thanks so much for the visit. I will practice spelling your name :)

    PAMELA: Thanks for thinking of me .

  31. thinking for ourselves.. sometimes i wonder if people are a bit scared to do this...that they have un-learned to trust their instincts, that they rather do what others tell them to have someone to blame for it later...dunno... def. food for thought here..

  32. CLAUDIA: Yep...basically what I try to do is provide food for thought...what's for lunch?

  33. lol...thought provoking... delightful read...

  34. Appearance vs Reality - sometimes we just LOOK like we're going along with the pack. The great thing is that nobody really controls your mind and heart but you!

  35. Appearance vs Reality - sometimes we just LOOK like we're going along with the pack. The great thing is that nobody really controls your mind and heart but you!

  36. Ah too true mate, we have split the atom, Discovered the quantum realm, and as monty python so eloquently pointed out with the backdrop of the crucified man, " youre all individuals ....... Were all individuals.......i'm not !!!!!!!!!"

  37. SREEJA: Thanks for stopping by!

    KAREN:Yeah, I have a poem called "Hats" that addresses that--looking the part to fit in.

    KUTAMUN: Great take==thanks, mate!