Sunday, December 16, 2012


It only means something if you have a warm place to lay your head
It only means something if you are no longer numb
It only means something if there is someone
It only means something if that someone means something
It only means something if you're not holding a grudge
It only means something if you can swallow your pride
It only means something if you see you're not the only one who's been hurt
It only means something if you can stop pointing fingers
It only means something if you can finish a sentence without "Yeah... BUT"
It only means something if you don't have to be right
It only means something if you grasp that  we won't get this moment back
It only means something if you meet each other half way
It only means something if you do this before it all passes you by again

It only means something if you open that door


  1. if you dont have to be right....that is a great one on that list....actually most of them are pretty good...hey i'll even open the door for you...smiles...have a great season tim

  2. this has my eyes leaking this morning. so true and timely.
    love to you and yours, Tim. :)

  3. BRIAN: Thanks, man. I'll come right in and raid your refrigerator!
    MARIAN: And love right back to you! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Oh Tim, you have so nailed it. Great message!

  5. I like this very much. Your repeated lines are so effective.

  6. Somehow I felt certain you would have something to say to me today, and you did.

    Thanks, Tim.

  7. it only means something if you don't have to be right - amen

  8. Nicely done, a chant with both the "it" and the "something" so full that we needed you to unpack them in this powerful way.

  9. Lovely ... catnip for the soul ... thank you ... wishing you well, my friend. Love, cat.

  10. "It only means something if: you open that door."
    ...with a smile, that door, is the entry to and the essence of tomorrow.

    Best Christmas, Tim!

  11. Love this, Tim. So wise. And it means something!

  12. hope you are not too hungry...the cupboard is a little bare right this second...ha...

  13. This is beautiful and it really moved me...lovely! :)

  14. Were you there the last time Craig and I had a fight?

  15. this is a wonderful list...meeting each other halfway...swallowing our pride..if we all did, the world would look different...happy holiday season to you...

  16. I love true and important to remember.

  17. SHERRY: I hope it's a wonderful season for you!
    JASMINECALYX: Welcome to my humble abode.
    MAMA ZEN: Great to see you here again!
    KERRY: Thanks, and have a beautiful holiday season.
    EMMA:Thanks for stopping by!
    SUSAN; Thanks for your continued support, as some famous drunks were fond of saying.
    CAT: Thanks for being there, you furry little thing!
    MAGYAR: Wishing you and your lovely bride the happiest of holidays.
    JENNY: As before, thanks for your support--as the drunks said--but then they needed it to stand up!
    BRIAN: As long as you got a beer, it's cool.
    POPPY: Thanks so much--and welcome aboard!
    REI KOBI: Yeah, you could have called me and I would have done a counseling session with you by phone. LOL
    CLAUDIA: What the world needs now...well, you know how it goes...
    KAREN: Thanks, and welcome to my lily pad!

  18. I'm sure you wrote this for everyone; perhaps tonight it was meant just for me...I think I needed that.

  19. BEACHANNY: Sending warm regards your way.