Friday, June 22, 2012


With Real Toads--d'Verse Poets Pub

He tried to 
show them
that they were dreaming
and that if they could 
within the dream
and recognize it 
for what it was
that they could manipulate

it, and do all kinds of 
cool stuff
like  turn water into wine
(party time!)

nearly everyone
continues to snooze
(without the free booze)
still perceiving 
the dream to be reality
subjected to the most capricious 
twists and turns 
of the Subconscious Imagination
including nightmares
that seem to be
so terribly real


  1. WOW this took me there.. where he is me and me is them, and then then is me and he and-i, and we get lost again

    great piece, Timoteo.

    And thanks so much for coming to my dual place to comment... In answer to your question "they" are possily those who are kind of no good at all... say, rapists...and the like.


  2. Thanks Dulce...I like your trippy first two sentences!

  3. My son actually did this a few weeks back - his astral projection dream was so trippy, he thought he had died and was contacting me from the astral plane (you cant make this stuff up.)He's back in the real world now, but says he was happier - blissful - on the astral plane.

  4. nice...this would be pretty cool if i could get it to work....i could see a bunch of people atrophying as they sequested themselves in their dreams...

  5. We are all in this togeether .. thank you, Mr Catnip ... meouw ...Love, cat,

  6. Hello my dear. I'm just getting back to my hiatus. ... and catching up on everyone's stuff. my my, it HAS been awhile we've been blogging buddies...

    i appreciate you hanging around even though i'm the most unreliable blogger ever.

    I've been busy lately freaking out about turning 30 in two days.


  7. yeah, why DO people confuse that dream with reality? you got it.

  8. I suppose if I ever awake in my dreams, I'd want to stay there forever. Sigh. But there's real life; but I'll enjoy the good dreams as they come. :)

  9. So this is the dream, and another reality awaits our opened eyes? Cool concept!

  10. If this is a dream within a dream, then its reality ? Cool idea as I am lost ~

  11. I love this world within the world within and all within the world beyond dreams we call reality, which might be deeper than the surface of can we know?

  12. Wow, this is very powerful. I love this line break:

    "that they could manipulate


  13. Like Poe said, "All that we see or seem/is but a dream within a dream..." and the sleepers don't want to wake up--they might have to actually *d* something. Enjoyed it, Timo.

  14. Comments much appreciated everyone...thanks for checking in!

  15. Subconscious imagination has a lot to answer for...I wonder how much of it reveals our true selves?