Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CHIP ART...It's In The Bag! (Part 2)

d'Verse Poets Pub

Here we go again, all new grouping of  incredible images from potato chip land!  Would you believe GEORGE WASHINGTON???  Scroll down and reel back in shock and awe! 
(If you missed part one, scroll down a little further.)


  1. cute! I don't think I see the george washington one,it looks more like homer simpson to me.


    A pair of glasses I don't need since my eye surgeries, are here for donating to Lissa--grin! (Just JOKING!!!)

    Amazing chips!

  3. LISSA: Homer? OMG!
    STEVE E: Thanks, I know I'm not crazy (may still be crazy, but not because of these chips!)

  4. carrot tops bottom...killing me man...haha...i can see george by the way...the polar bear and the seahorse...i think the dolphin is a bit of a stretch...

  5. BRIAN: Heh heh...It may help to know that the dolphin's nose is on the right side...anybody see this one?

  6. I needed a smile tonight. And I TOTALLY see George Washington - even his eyes - freaky!!!! Do you find yourself with too much time on your hands lately, Tim? Hee hee. You're all that AND a bag of chips, in my book, kiddo!

  7. SHERRY: ...and a bag of chips--love it! Yeah, too much time on my hands...think I'll go paint the house, just so I can watch it dry.

  8. It's amazing what that gestalt switch in our brains can make out of happenstance and chance. One might hope for your soul's sake you don't find Jesus in a chip! :)

  9. Tim, you are SUCH a salted nut.
    The only one I cant see is the snail.
    the Jimmy Durante one is awesome! lmao

  10. Now see... I see the dolphin (it is arching through the water and we only see a part of it... but the polar bear? I don't see that. Loved this and I will have to take a second look at my chips from now on. ha.

  11. Thanks for sharing your chips ... up or down ... hey, the seahorse is a sleeping cat though :)

  12. I can't write for laughing. Hahaha. OMG it IS George Washington. And Ms Pac Man. Who will appear to you next? R2D2? You have the most magical bag of chips in the world. ROFL.

  13. CHARLES: Ya'll will freak if I do...

    EVELYN: Thanks, LOL. I had an idea that you wanted your nuts salted.

    MARGARET: The polar bear is one of the more obvious ones, I think.
    You can see his rear end in bottom left corner...front feet in bottom right corner...and the head, upper right corner--you can see the snout, the eyes, everything! Look again!

    CAT: I'm not used to letting sleeping Cats lie.

    SELMA: George really freaks me out...but if I ever find Nixon... that is where it ends, my friends!