Monday, April 16, 2012


Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads

d'Verse Poets Pub

I once interviewed a guy
applying for a job
who had a booger clinging to his upper lip

you can prepare all you want
for an interview
and read the advice from all those experts

they tell you to stay calm
they tell you to learn something about the company
they tell you not to be too chatty

nobody tells you to check for boogers

this is a serious flaw in the
advice given out by experts

I felt bad for the guy
but you know
you really can't have people like that
running around the office 

I didn't point it out to him
because we were supposed to send a follow-up letter
to all the applicants who weren't hired
saying although you were not selected at this time
we will keep your resume on file
in the event of future openings

which was bullshit

I knew I would not have to send the letter
because when he got home
and looked in the mirror
he would know the score


  1. Ghee, the booger guy would have been ... the one ... what where you thinking ... meouw ...

  2. Gee, this brought forth every awful embarrassing thing I have done.

    Gonna hide under the covers now.

    Maybe he knew it was there and was making a point. LOL.

  3. I've been on both sides of that interview table - the man with the clipboard looking for his own replacement, the man with the untied tie - and there are difficulties with both situations. Nothing humorous, unless of course you read about it in a poem such as yours!

  4. interview story ever was told in a class i was giving on interview skills...about a guy that just kept boisterously farting during the interview until the air became unbreathable...i am fairly certain she violated civil liberites in showing him the door...

  5. Oh my goodness.........I feel bad for the guy, too. But.....ew!

  6. Hilarious! It's so true we get so focused on the big stuff and forget the (hopefully) tiny things that can make or break us.

  7. Aye, it's a dog eat dog world in the job market.. This is a very valuable lesson.

  8. This is awesome. :) I love nostril faux-pas poetry.

  9. i just saw that pic of lady gaga...oh my...

  10. .... oh my... I'm still laughing as I type this. ha ha

  11. oh goodness...what a nightmare the moment he looks in that mirror.. maybe you should have told him...and hey..the song goes...i've lost my heart in heidelberg...just saying...smiles

  12. BRIAN,
    She may have violated his civil rights, but at least she survived a potentially lethal gas attack! (P.S. I was waiting for someone to comment on Lady Ga Ga in the sidebar...heh heh...heh heh...)

    Nostril faux-pas poetry? That is so catchy--I love it! (And fits so well with our euphemistic politically correct society!)

    Oh, how could I forget the Heidelberg song? (ha ha)

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments so far--each of you is appreciated far more than you know.

  13. hahaha love it! Right up my street!

  14. Oh you paint a vivid picture here - and while I have never had an applicant such as this, there were so many resumes that landed in the "round file". Well done, sir!

  15. This is why I ALWAYS stop at the lady's room before I go into a meeting! Gotta check the teeth too-don't want any stray spinach from lunch stuck up in there!

  16. Priceless, said with just the right tone of voice and detail to make it both hilarious and sad. It is these little slices of everyday life that turn poetry on its head to reveal the girl's wearing no panties!

    I'm glad this is up your street, but where is your alley?

    Glad you liked this one. When writing about boogers, one never knows how it will be accepted!

    Where? WHERE?